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100 Podcast Episodes in 100 Days

Updated: Apr 28, 2022

I am interviewing people about their brand stories and, more importantly, brand storytellers

"I peel back the layer to get to the core of the story." - Shannon Peel

Why am I Doing This?

Well, like most of what I do an idea pops into my head and I jump off the cliff to see what will happen - which is the OPPOSITE of what I recommend clients do. All it is costing me to test the market is time... and I don't have a life beyond creating content and telling brand stories.

For those who don't have time and need to hire help to produce a podcast, you must first research what people want and how to

position your brand into the market.

Let me do the research of jumping in, talking to brand storytelling experts, and listening to what people are engaging with to discover what is going on out there. Then I'll have the knowledge you need to be more successful in your efforts.

When I re-started my podcast at the end of January, I was shocked by how many people were contacting me to talk to me about brand storytelling. Before I knew it, I had over 70 booking requests and I didn't want to make any of them wait a year before their episode was published - so I was posting one episode a day for 2 weeks and as people listened to my podcast - I had more people contacting me to talk about brand storytelling.

Trying to get content for APeeling digital magazine was like pulling teeth at times and the readership was only 2 000 per monthly issue - Podcasting gives quality backlinks, appointments with interesting people, blog posts for UnPeeled, and content for future issues of APeeling.

I’m NOT Taking the Easy Way Out.

I could have chosen to record audio versions of my blog posts, which would be easy and take me all of 30 minutes to one hour a day — BUT …

Those who know me know, I don’t do anything half assed. I never take the easy way out or cut corners. I always deliver an unexpected experience.

As usual … I am committed to ensuring listeners receive a quality experience.

The Challenge:

If I had a team - this wouldn't be a big deal because I'd have people helping me do all the work and where would the struggle, challenge, or conflict be in this brand story?

I am a solopreneur doing it ALL while still keeping up with client work to pay the bills and keeping up with my many other content projects. So it's a big commitment for me.

The Stakes

All stories need stakes and I am putting my reputation as someone who gets stuff done and hits deadlines by delivering quality products at risk since I just told the Internet I am doing this.

Do it or ruin my brand's reputation.

To manage expectations and to answer those questions the odd troll may have. I am including posts from February 15 to today, March 5th in the 100 Podcast Episodes in 100 days.

Tell me what you think in the comments

Of the 100 Episodes, at least 71 interviews with people about brand storytelling with weekends being an update on how the week went, some highlights I learned, and housekeeping for this project.

What I have been doing:

I am finding people to interview I am interviewing people I am editing the audio file I am adding video to a channel

I am creating Q&A Interview blog posts I am promoting it on social media I am sending out emails I am putting out posts like this in the many communities I belong to.

NOTE: Not all guests want the video option or the Q&A blog post option - will do as many as possible.

Is there anything else YOU can think of that I need to do? Make a comment below in the comments with your insights.

Am I Crazy?

I’m 2 weeks in and as you may expect - I’m tired and am working non stop all day - everyday - Hmmm got to figure out how to do this without burning out, got any tips? I’ll even add your tip to a published crowdsourced article on the topic with a link back to you if you give me a url. It’s 8:30 - Time to get back to editing so I have enough content to post each day this week. I think I might need to order some white wall padding from Amazon before I’m done.

List of 100 Podcast Episodes in 100 Days

Here's the list of those who have been interviewed and a link to their interview - Bookmark this page to come back to.

  1. February 15 - Andrew Deutsch: A Fangled Brand Story

  2. February 16 - Nicholas Jeffery: Sizzle meets Sense Brand Story

  3. February 17 - Michelle Enjoli: Land a Dream Job with a Personal Brand Story

  4. February 18 - Jen McKee: Tik Tok is for Businesses Brand Story

  5. February 19 - Shannon Peel - Emails that Sell

  6. February 20 - Bijou Finney - Breakthrough to Your Personal Brand Story

  7. February 21 - Dennis Mellen - An Unexpected Life Change Brand Story

  8. February 22 - Shannon Peel - How to Tell a Brand Story

  9. February 23 - Peter Goral - Collaborating to Grow Your Brand Story

  10. February 24 - Corrine Swenson & Kim Sam - Two Women and a Cannabis Story

  11. February 25 - Laura Lewis Barr - How to Structure a Brand Story

  12. February 26 - Shannon Peel - It's a Secret Brand Story

  13. February 27 - Shannon Peel - Life's Journey Interrupted

  14. February 28 - Corey Laine Hilton - Finding Your Authentic Brand Story

  15. March 1 - Ryan Parshall - Finding Your Passion Brand Story

  16. March 2 - Prithvi - The Marketing Nomad's Journey Brand Story

  17. March 3 - Likky Lavji - A Self Aware Brand Story

  18. March 4 - Shannon Peel - How to Find Your Purpose Brand Story

  19. March 5 - Shannon Peel - 100 episodes in 100 days Brand Story

  20. March 6 - Jem Fuller - A Transformational Brand Story

  21. March 7 - Khalil Stulz - A Collaborative Brand Story

  22. March 09 - Laura Templeton - The 30 Second Networking Brand Story

  23. March 09 - Roy Osing - An Audaciously Different Brand Story

  24. March 10 - Paul Slack - A Customer Journey Brand Story

  25. March 11 - Shannon Peel & Friends - Brand Awareness Brand Story

  26. March 12 - Tyler Brooke - A Geek Talk Brand Story

  27. March 13 - Shannon Peel - Weekly Recap

  28. March 14 - Ernie Sander - Be a Thought Leader Brand Story

  29. March 15 - Shannon Peel - Define Your Personal Brand Story

  30. March 16 - Jen Campbell - Facebook Connector Brand Story

  31. March 17 - Kristin Marquet - Female Entrepreneur Voices Brand Story

  32. March 18 - Robert Kennedy 3 - Discover Your Voice to Connect Brand Story

  33. March 19 - Ryan Horn - Becoming an Extraordinary Man Brand Story

  34. March 20 - Shannon Peel - Weekly Recap

  35. March 21 - Shannon Peel - What to Know before you create Content

  36. March 22 - Andrena Sawyer - The Joys of Single Life

  37. March 23 - Dane Sanders - Sign of Good Marketing

  38. March 24 - Ari - Choosing to be a Designer

  39. March 25 - Ken Wimberly - Preserving the Family Story

  40. March 26 - Shannon Peel - Life Beyond Fear

  41. March 27 - Shannon & Friends - Is Social Media Dying

  42. March 28 - Shannon & Friends - The Brand Story of Women

  43. March 29 - Jason Carcone - How to be a Podcast Guest

  44. March 30 - Jason Berkowitz - Improving the SEO of your Website

  45. April 1 - Robert Reich - Improve your Leadership and Career

  46. April 2 - Shannon Peel - Book Review - The Storytelling Animal

  47. April 3 - Shannon Peel - Know Your Audience

  48. April 4 - Amy Delman - A Public Relations Brand Story

  49. April 5 - Dr. Gliboa - Resiliency in Change

  50. April 6 - Art Bell - Comedy Central Brand Story

  51. April 7 - Shannon - Week 3 Update

  52. April 8 - Shannon - Anthony Gruppo UnPeeled

  53. April 9

  54. April 10

  55. April 11 - Tyler Foley - How to Capture Your Audience

  56. April 12 -

  57. April 13 - Holly Fisher - Website Copy that Converts

  58. April 14 - Terry Begue - Levelling Up by Niching Down

  59. April 15 - Nikolas Natali - Going to Extremes to Pay off a Student Loan

  60. April 16 -

  61. April 17 -

  62. April 18 - Dai Manuel - How to make Big Lifestyle Changes

  63. April 19 - Erik Deckers - How Copywriters use Framework

  64. April 20 - Shannon Peel - What Business say about Elon Musk Buying Twitter

  65. April 21 -

  66. April 22 - Dominique Hart - Visual Brand Storytelling

  67. April 23 - Shannon Peel - A Look at Elon Musk's Leadership Style

  68. April 24 - Shannon Peel - Businesses who do the Right Thing

  69. April 25 - Hannah Acosta - Telling Brand Stories on Social Media

  70. April 26 - Angeley Mullins - Data Analyst tells Brand Stories

  71. April 27 - Christopher Pelligrini - A Passion for Japanese Spirits

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