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Podcasting Magazine

APeeling Podcasting Magazine

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Articles about podcasting and brand storytelling. Tips, advice, and ideas to help you create an appealing life, career, business


Podcast episodes about podcasting, personal branding, marketing, careers, professions, and brand stories.


Play BINGOS and win prizes. Puzzles and more to entertain you.

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APeeling Podcasting Digital Magazine Table of Contents

Topics Inside APeeling Digital Magazine - The Podcasting Issue

Podcasting:  This section contains articles on why people follow podcasts, why they choose to listen to them in the first place, and BrandAPeel episodes about podcasting. 

Personal Branding: This section contains stories and BrandAPeel podcast episodes about how to create a personal brand. Experts in this section talk about social media platforms, strategy, defining your brand story, and attracting the right audience. 

Marketing: This section contains an article about why brand storytelling is the future of marketing, stories about experts and BrandAPeel episodes talking about how to market your brand in the digital world. 

Writing: This section contains expert stories and podcast episodes about copywriting and creating content for your website. 

Professionals and Careers: This section contains expert interviews and BrandAPeel podcast episodes about professionals, business, job search, career planning, and leadership. 

Brand Stories: This section contains brand interviews and BrandAPeel podcast episodes about brand stories, how they got where they are, why they started, what they learned, and how they tell their brand stories to the marketplace.

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The Articles in APeeling Podcasting Digital Magazine Table of Contents

What Makes a Podcast Good?

Podcasts are easy to create and communities around podcasting have sprung up giving life to this form of brand storytelling. This medium is becoming more popular, and more people are jumping on the bandwagon with varying results. What makes some podcasts popular while others struggle to even get their mom to listen? I wanted to know so, I dove into the Information highway and asked people, “What makes a podcast good?”  Also available as Why People Follow Podcasts on UnPeeled

Why People Choose to Listen to a Podcast

Now that I have well over 100 podcasts, I decided to figure out why people choose to listen to some podcasts and pass others by. Yes I know, it’s a little backwards but hey – at least I finally got to researching the podcast listener market and what catches their attention. I put out a query and received over 30 responses about what catches their attention.

Define Your Personal Brand

What is a Personal Brand? It is you, your story, your image, and your reputation. The hardest part of creating a personal brand is knowing yourself well enough to be able to tell your story honestly, positively, and consistently. Once you know what to say, you will discover content everywhere you go.

5 Steps to go from Expert to Thought Leadership

Thought leader is an ‘Expert’ and leader in their industry whom others look up to. They are willing to share the lessons they’ve learned over the course of their life to inspire audiences. They are mentors, good communicators, and have credibility in their industry. Thought leaders have a responsibility to those who follow them because their advice can affect the life decisions of others, not just where they will go to eat. Thought leaders are in the role of being mentors and helping others to achieve success in their industries.