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APeeling publishes real stories by real people with real solutions for life and work. These personal and corporate brand stories motivate readers to build their own futures, be it as business owners, leaders, or individuals looking for a better way of living. Stories are memorable, they create connections, and foster relationships. MarketAPeel's mission is to connect brands to audiences through story to motivate and inspire individual change. Share your story and help someone find the solution they are looking for.

What to write About:

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Everyone has a story which can motivate someone else. Right now there is someone going through a similar problem you already conquered, a bad situation you already learned from, and a change in circumstance you've experienced. Motivate others to keep moving forward by sharing your story.

Why did you choose your career or business?

Tell about an obstacle you had to overcome and what you learned from it.

Have you lost your job, marriage, or wealth? How did you overcome it.

What is your definition of success and how are you achieving it?

What was your biggest fear and how did you overcome it?

What is mentorship and how did you find your mentors, what did they teach you?

Work / life balance, does it exist and how can you achieve it?

What are your core values and how do you portray them in your behaviour?

When hiring someone what do you look for in potential candidates?

What lessons have you learned from a job search or hiring process?


Submitting one story and having it published in APeeling is Free. At this point, advertising is reserved as an added value bonus for MarketAPeel clients. The magazine itself does not generate any revenue at this time. What we ask in exchange for being apart of a professional publication is:

1. Stories to be 500-1500 words

2. Stories are fully edited before submitting as we don't edit

3. Share the magazine on social media 

4. Include links beyond your linkedIn you'd like added

You do not need to send photos and I take your image from LinkedIn for your title. If you want a different photo - please send it with your story.

When all contributors share the magazine, it benefits all the contributors, including you as your followers will be impressed you are featured in a professional publication.

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APeeling Membership

How can you contribute to more than one issue of the APeeling magazine? 

I'm glad you asked, columns in every issue are reserved for MarketAPeel clients.

If you would like to be in up to 4 issues a year, become an APeeling member. Membership not only enables you to submit more stories throughout the year, it also gives you discounts on MarketAPeel merchandise, access to the APeeling content library for your social media posts, and a monthly workshop on how to tell your brand story. Click to discover the benefits of membership.

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