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The APeeling Digital Magazine is a multimedia digital e-book experience. Each issue is filled with brand stories, personal stories, and stories to help you create an appealing life, career, and business. APeeling stories can also be found on the UnPeeled Blog along with interviews with business owners, professionals, and thought leaders. If you want to have a Q & A style interview of your brand story, click here to become a MareketAPeel Member to access the interview form.  APeeling stories are written by Shannon Peel or CreateAPeel members. (become a CreateAPeel Member)

APeeling is a different kind of magazine because it is designed for the digital world and how people consume content on a digital device. Which means you can read it and there are links, videos, audio, and embedded items like polls, surveys, and forms. MarketAPeel publishes interactive online magazines for brands who want to stand out in the marketplace and connect with their audiences.  If you want your own custom branded digital magazine, contact Shannon to discuss. 

Why is APeeling Spelled Wrong? 

The right way to spell the word is appealing and it has multiple meanings. In the legal world it means that you want a court to reconsider a previous ruling for or against you, usually against you, in hopes of a better outcome. The most common definition is to attract or be liked by someone - to be appealing is to have an allure to others so they will want to choose you, follow you, or trust you. 

APeeling means to create a story others find interesting and alluring. To have a personal or business brand that other people want to know more about, follow, and be apart of because it is alluring, interesting, and speaks to them on an emotional level. 

The APeeling digital magazine publishes real stories by real people with real solutions to creating an appealing life, career, or business. It's about finding solutions and ideas in the stories that are published inside the pages of this multimedia digital experience and then dive deeper into the concepts to find your special brand story. 

We are all unique. We all have stories. We all crave story to help us escape from life, experience something extraordinary, and to understand the world around us. This is why brand storytelling is so important to all marketing strategies. Learn how to tell your brand story to attract the right audience to your profile, business, network.  It starts with APeeling. 

Who can Contribute Stories to the APeeling Digital Magazine? 

APeeling contributors are CreateAPeel members. CreateAPeel members have lots of benefits here at MarketAPeel to help them learn how to tell their brand stories, dive into there personal details to craft unique stories to attract the right audiences, and brand story coaching to help them achieve their goals and take their brands to the next level. 

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Read Past Issues

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APEELING Decisions

APeeling decisions is filled with stories about how to make a decision, how people made decisions and why brands made the decisions they did. If you have a decision to make, then this issue is for you.

Better Family life and relationship APeeling Digital Magazine


APeeling in May stories focus on change and how to heal when the change is not a positive one. Articles include 5 Steps to Healing, Death by BS, Change is Hard, Starting a new venture, and marketing myths.

Apple Peel - Cover Digital Magazine - Life could be better


APeeling in January stories focus on the new year and renewed purpose. Articles include: Living Your Life's Purpose. Feel it to Heal it. Thank You Corona Virus, Teams need Candor, Sales tips, and Business Planning

Heartshaped apple - cover digital magazine creating appealing life as a single person relationships marriage


APeeling in February stories focus on relationships, love, and embracing the single life. Articles include: Single Living during Covid, Road to Kindness, Online Dating Scam Red Flags, Sex and Intimacy 

Apple with a heart - summer APeeling Digital Magazine


APeeling in Summer is packed full of stories. Stories about personal branding, integrity, leadership, entrepreneurship, content ideas, print materials, knowing your audience, Covid planning, racial conversations, giving back, parenting a perfectionist, seeing the extraordinary in the ordinary.

Red Apple Peel September APeeling Digital Magazine


APeeling in September is filled with stories about becoming a CEO, 9/11 aftermath for one individual, journalling, the nomad life, finding success in struggle, accountability and social media tips. It is packed with stories to help you find solutions for life and work.

Apples and Cinnemon sticks - Cover of APeeling Digital Magazine


APeeling in October is filled with stories about searching for something and ideas on how to achieve the success you seek. Discovering our roots, biases to look out for, growth mindset, doing the work, and setting goals. 

Two Apples - hiding behind a mask - Cover of Digital Magazine


APeeling in November stories focus on fear, what is it and how to overcome it. Articles include being critical of others causing fear, leading in crisis, where fear belongs, and living in a fear filled world. November is Domestic Violence Awareness Month in Canada and a section of stories are about abuse.

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Want to contribute a story to APeeling? Fill in the form below to receive notification about which stories we are looking to for and how to contribute yours. We also send requests for a quote for crowdsourced articles. 

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