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Better Family life and relationship APeeling Digital Magazine


APeeling in May stories focus on change and how to heal when the change is not a positive one. Articles include 5 Steps to Healing, Death by BS, Change is Hard, Starting a new venture, and marketing myths. 

Apple Peel - Cover Digital Magazine - Life could be better


APeeling in January stories focus on the new year and renewed purpose. Articles include: Living Your Life's Purpose. Feel it to Heal it. Thank You Corona Virus, Teams need Candor, Sales tips, and Business Planning 

Heartshaped apple - cover digital magazine creating appealing life as a single person relationships marriage


APeeling in February stories focus on relationships, love, and embracing the single life. Articles include: Single Living during Covid, Road to Kindness, Online Dating Scam Red Flags, Sex and Intimacy  

Apple with a heart - summer APeeling Digital Magazine


APeeling in Summer is packed full of stories. Stories about personal branding, integrity, leadership, entrepreneurship, content ideas, print materials, knowing your audience, Covid planning, racial conversations, giving back, parenting a perfectionist, seeing the extraordinary in the ordinary. 

Red Apple Peel September APeeling Digital Magazine


APeeling in September is filled with stories about becoming a CEO, 9/11 aftermath for one individual, journalling, the nomad life, finding success in struggle, accountability and social media tips. It is packed with stories to help you find solutions for life and work. 

Apples and Cinnemon sticks - Cover of APeeling Digital Magazine


APeeling in October is filled with stories about searching for something and ideas on how to achieve the success you seek. Discovering our roots, biases to look out for, growth mindset, doing the work, and setting goals.  

Two Apples - hiding behind a mask - Cover of Digital Magazine


APeeling in November stories focus on fear, what is it and how to overcome it. Articles include being critical of others causing fear, leading in crisis, where fear belongs, and living in a fear filled world. November is Domestic Violence Awareness Month in Canada and a section of stories are about abuse. 


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