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Collaborate to Grow Your Brand Story

Meet Brand Storyteller Peter Goral

I invest heavily in the front part of our engagement. Sometimes it takes weeks to get a calendar together. But I am not interested and building a solution until I really understand who you are, what you care about, what you have a tolerance for, and what you cannot possibly stand for.

It's very important for people to recognise that if they say the wrong thing, or they make a misstep, it could cost them a piece of business, or worse, it could cost them their reputation. That is why I take the discovery part very seriously. When I sit with my clients, I have these big brainstorming sessions, which last forever. I do this to create comfort, not only just for myself, but for my clients because I want them to know that I'm not just the service provider, I'm an arm of their organisation. I’m going to speak on their behalf and develop strategies to build lead generation.

When I push back and tell them that I need to know more before diving into posting their brand stories, they thank me for slowing them down, for pushing back, and not just throwing something.

It is critical to tell people who you are and what problem you solve, rather than, how you do what you do. The how is for the manuals, and nobody wants to read the manual. If you're taking the wrong turns here, at the beginning, like running out into the market before we've got it pinned down, you’ll run into problems.

I try to find something unique to their brand story.

It's either their personality or they built their business on something meaningful. I’m looking for that thing that says, “Hey, these are really good people to work with.” I want that to be the first thing people see in my clients because it's the one thing I want them to see about me. I want them to tell me, “I get you. I can see where you're coming from and know why you do it. You've made that abundantly clear. You're not motivated by money. You're motivated by doing a good job.” Those things haven't changed. I've, I've been this way a long, long time and as time goes by it becomes more ingrained. I default to the fact that the money comes and sometimes, it comes in different ways.

I do a lot of volunteer work. I do a lot of quid pro quo kind of things. I have many causes because something touched me about the story and I donate an one hour, two hours, or a weekend to them. I don't want anything for it, but then something happens and I receive something in return for the time I gave to them. I received an email from a company in New York the other day asking me to be a guest speaker at an event because they saw what I did with this other company.

Watch the video where Peter Goral talks about collaborating to tell a brand story

This is the thing I always like to get my clients thinking about. I like to get them on these rotations of momentum. Let's start by telling people why we're here. What we're up to. What we stand for, what we won't stand for, and then let them get used to us. Once they get used to us, and we've watched them and they watched how we reacted to them, then suddenly, we become valuable for them, because they see where they're going now.

People are telling me this that coming forth with the truth because you've asked you to lay your cards on the table. It's not about age, it's not about size anymore. It's not about the demographics of something. It's about values because I can see 30-year-olds and 60-years-olds enjoying the same things. They have similar values. They care more about what something feels like. They're more into experiences. And the minute I don't care who you are, whether you're a person or a company, is the minute people see that you care about the bigger picture There's just nothing that can stop you and you may not be printing money, but you will start making people want to do business with you and for a fee. It's about helping those who can't afford it to gain recognition in the marketplace, so those who can't afford it will hire you.

Telling a Brand Story on LinkedIN

There is so much going on in the passive market. There's like 700 million people on LinkedIn, and only maybe 10 to 20% even use it properly. I still can't believe that. It is one of the greatest places to tell people about yourself. I give to the passive market that's on there by giving stuff away every day. I gave ideas away. I give thought leadership away. It’s not because I stumbled into it. I do it because I know people will appreciate it. I want to give them something valuable. I want people to think it is a great idea and they are going to take it and use it. When I see they’ve used my idea, I feel good. There is nothing unique to steal anymore. All the ideas are already out there.


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Keep a journal near you to jot down ideas as they come to you and help you to brainstorm ideas and map out the process you want your brand story to take

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