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Finding Your Passion Brand Story

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

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Meet Ryan Parshall of Healthy Brands

After selling my digital ad agency in Kansas City in 2018, I felt a higher purpose out there. I needed to help business owners find a faster and easier way to grow their business without pain. It took me a lifetime career of working next to brilliant business owners AND owning a company for 11 years to finally understand the systematic way to grow and scale a healthy organization. Anyone can do it, it they simply get the right processes and people in place. Having all the secret formulas that I had to personally develop to get my mind, team and company organized, can now be shared through the Workshop Series and Coaching I do to help other break through the barriers that are holding them back. You see, working for other people no longer makes sense for me. I can only help them a little bit once they hired me as a CMO because just like any other employee, they stop listening to your advice and experience once you are on the payroll. After trying a couple of CMO roles after I sold my company and then having those business owners throw a lifetime of experience of successfully growing teams, processes and companies in the trash, I found I need to do something more meaningful. I needed to find a way to be useful and more helpful to other business owners and entrepreneurs. That's why I started Healthy Brands Business that offered Business Coaching, Business Brokering and Fractional CMO placement services.

Why Did you Choose the Business you Did?

It's the business I love and am passionate about. I'm not in the business of marketing, sales, branding, etc. I'm in the business of Growth. Yes, I use all of those pieces in the recipe for success, but my focus is organic, organized, healthy company growth.

How Long have you been in Business?

I started coaching in January of 2021, but did not go full time until fall of 2021. I was being pulled into the direction of Healthy Brands because so many others were reaching out to me and needing my help. I simply could not turn down helping others!

What Certifications, Extra Education, do You have?

Over 30 years of marketing, branding, sales experience and working next to entrepreneurs my entire life including growing up in a family-owned business.

What do you LOVE about Your Business?

I love that I have taken the complexity of growing a business and found a way to simplify the process and be able to lead others successfully through it. It's the results that are my true payback. If I did coaching and consulting without the results or only for the money, I would quickly end this career. I love blending ALL of my experience together to become the Growth Engine and secret weapon for those that want to scale and grow their business.

What Services do you Offer that Your Competitors do not?

I offer Workshop Series that builds a platform for business owners, their leadership teams and companies to launch from. This is called The Growth Engine Workshop Series. It's exclusive to Healthy Brands and our secret to success.

What services or Products do your Competitors Offer that You Don't?

I do not do Life Coaching or Financial Coaching. However, the end results of my coaching is a better lifestyle for the business owner and I help build value in companies which includes selling that value for higher profits.

What Obstacle, Struggle, Issue, did You need to Overcome to get where You are Today?

I need to prove that I could successfully scale and grow my own business. I went through the pains of people, lack or process, lack of profit and leadership failures to learn the valuable lessons of what's right and wrong in growing a healthy business.

What Strengths or Lessons did You obtain from Your Failures?

The biggest lesson is to trust in systems and process. You don't build it overnight. And have patience in finding the right customers and relationships to build your foundation. I wish I had hired a coach to help me grow my agency faster, but I did not. I would have grown in knowledge, revenue and profits in half the time or less. I could have spent time being the leader I was truly meant to be. And...I would have had the company I deserved, not the company I ran for 7 out of the 11 years that caused a lot of pain in my personal life. Every passionate, hard worker deserves so much more and I' m here to help them get it!

Why did Your Clients Choose to do Business with You?

They need to get their company organized in the mind, messaging and real life. They feel stagnant and need to grow to avoid continued pain with people and profits

Describe Your Ideal Customer

CEO's of companies 3 million to 100 million in revenue, usually has 1-10 salespeople and in the contractor or digital agency industries

Want to know more about Ryan Parshall and how he can help your business? Check out his website Healthy Brands and set up a time to chat with him.


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