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About Free to read CurbAPeel for Realtors® Digital Magazine

CurbAPeel for Realtors® digital magazine is a free magazine publishing stories about how to create a personal brand with curb appeal. Even if you aren't a Real Estate Professional you will discover ideas, tips, and information to help you build a strong personal brand. 

Professionals like Realtors® provide similar services and products as their competitors. When it comes to choosing which real estate professional to choose many people approach those whom they feel they can trust. We naturally trust those whom are most like us because we assume we can connect with them easier. This is why Realtors® need to have a strategy to tell their brand story to the marketplace. 

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CurbAPeel for Realtors® digital magazine has published stories about how to be successful on social media, how to connect with people throughout the marketing and sales funnel.  Real Estate professionals who have signed up for MarketAPeel emails receive ideas about what to post on social media, how to ask for referrals, where to find leads, and how to drive organic traffic to their websites. If you'd like to receive emails to make you think about your marketing strategy, fill in the form. 


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