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Creating Content to tell Brand Stories

Shannon Peel helps professionals and businesses to define their brand stories and tell them to the marketplace by creating everything from a tweet to publishing a book. Whether you want to build a personal brand to attract opportunities or you want customers to know what your company sells,  MarketAPeel can help increase your brand awareness and expand your digital footprint.

MarketAPeel Brand Storytelling Services 

Brand Story

Full Service

Create a brand story plan and execute it by building a brand story funnel to guide audiences through their buying journey.

Brand Consulting

Provide a Roadmap

We create a detailed set of customised tasks for you to tell your brand story and build your digital footprint.

Brand Coaching

Guided DIY System

Subscribe to BrandAPeel to access programs designed to guide you through the process of creating brand awareness.

Brand Publicity

Get Interviewed & Published

We help clients find publicity to expand their digital footprints and we offer publicity with our own media platforms

Create Content to Tell Brand Stories.

Shannon creates comprehensive brand storytelling strategies to help clients know what to say and where to say it to attract the right audience to their brands. She created the MarketAPeel  brand by bringing her years of experience in sales, marketing, advertising, storytelling, and writing together.

Neat Stationery

Full Service

Brand Storytelling

MarketAPeel's Full Service Brand Storytelling maps out your audience's journey through your digital footprint to bring them into your funnel and start moving them through from Awareness to Retention using 5 steps.

1. Create Awareness

2. Create Credibility

3. Create a Platform

4. Create a Community

5. Create an Action

With our full service program we help define the story, build the digital footprint, and create the content to engage your audience.

Monthly service fee.

Just the Plan

No content

MarketAPeel's Consulting Brand Storytelling creates a plan of action for you based on your specific business. We:

1. Audit your current Digital Footprint

2. Research your industry & competition

3. Create a plan of action for you

4. Check in to ensure tasks are completed

5. Audit your progress and results

Our consulting services provide you with a full plan and outlines the tasks you need to do to build your digital footprint and tell your brand story. We make the plan, you create the content.

Up front fee + hourly update fee


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