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Brand Storytelling Coach
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You know you have to tell your brand story to attract the right people to your business, but you have no idea where to start or what to talk about. You've spent thousands of dollars getting leads but few became customers, most were the wrong type of person or business and if one more person says,

"So, what is it that you do anyway, I don't understand." You're gonna scream. 

MarketAPeel helps people, just like you, tell the right story to the right people to prequalify them before they get too far down your marketing funnel. We start with who you are and who your best customers are, then we craft a story that clearly tells people why they need your solution to their problem.

 With the right people in your marketing funnel being guided along their customer journey, you will spend more time talking to qualified leads who want your solution to their problem.

Do you want individual or group coaching?


You are interested in learning how to tell your brand story!

Great you came to the right place.


The MarketAPeel Brand Storytelling programs are deep dives into your brand to understand how to tell the right story to the right audience to connect with the people who will value what you offer. CreateAPeel Membership includes weekly group coaching to help you move forward and get it done.

Free Brand Storytelling Webinars:

Access free course modules get you started on your brand storytelling journey.

MarketAPeel Community: 

This monthly membership includes access to level 1 courses on branding, brand storytelling, marketing, SEO, and more to help you start developing your brand story and build out your digital footprint. 

CreateAPeel Member Programs: (group coaching)

This monthly membership includes group coaching, access to level 2 courses on branding, brand storytelling, marketing, SEO, and more to help you go further in developing your brand story and build out your digital footprint. 

Example of What you will learn in Level 1 Branding Course


(1) Understand who you are and your values

(2) Define what you want to be known for

(3) Craft a tag succinct tag line and 30 sec pitch


Example of What you will learn in level 2 Brand Storytelling Course


(1) Understand why and how people create stories

(2) Interpret both conscious and unconscious thinking that occur in stories

(3) Write and visualize good stories to move people to action

(4) Tell the right story to the right audience


How you will learn


Each course is a series of steps to explore your unique story and how to tell it to the marketplace. You will move through the courses at your own pace with the support of the community and our brand storytelling coach, Shannon Peel

Tools to help you:


Step by Step process with information and access to the course resources plus progress tracking

App to easily access information on the go and keep in touch with the community

Video workshops explaining topics and concepts

Workbook PDF downloads to help you dive deeper into the ideas and draw out your story

Community social group to find support from those who are in the community

Extra informational resources like podcast interviews, articles, and member only content

For CreateAPeel Members

Weekly group coaching time to ask Shannon questions and discuss topics

Access to Shannon’s office hours

Brand Story Communities

Brand Storytelling Communities

Are you tired of struggling to build your brand credibility and authority on your own?

MarketAPeel can help you build the authority your need to attract the right audience and

earn credibility in the market, while developing brand awareness in a community. 


It's time you got a jump start on your brand storytelling and started taking steps to get noticed.

When you become a MarketAPeel member you start by

crafting a values based brand story to attract the right people to your brand

The program guides you through the process of defining your values based story to share with your audience along their customer buying journey.

What a MarketAPeel Membership Gives YOU

  • Receive the weekly subscription email 

  • Receive the MarketAPeel newsletter

  • Level 1 challenges to help you stay on task 

  • Level 1 workshop videos 

  • Access to the community and experts 

  • Access to member only content 

  • Submit articles, Q & A style interview on UnPeeled

What a CreateAPeel Membership Gives YOU

  • Receive the MarketAPeel membership items plus...

  • Monthly programs to build out your digital footprint

  • Receive the CreateAPeel program task email

  • Level 2 Challenges to help you stay on task

  • Level 2 Workshops on digital footprint & storytelling

  • Access to CreateAPeel member only content 

  • Submit articles to UnPeeled and APeeling

  • Be interviewed for an article written by Shannon Peel

  • Be interviewed on BrandAPeel Podcast 

  • Deals and discounts for CreateAPeel members

  • Weekly group zoom brand story coaching calls

CreateAPeel brand storytelling has a coaching component to guide you through the process. PLUS a promotional component to build out your brand authority within the community and the Internet as a whole. By being a contributor of UnPeeled and being featured in APeeling, you will be able to grow your brand's credibility as an authority in your industry. There are 'extra' benefits to becoming a CreateAPeel Member. 

MarketAPeel Brand Storytelling Services 

Brand Stories

Brand Stories

UnPeeled, APeeling and BrandAPeel podcast have multiple resources to help you get started with no charge

Brand Community

Guided System

CreateAPeel programs are designed to guide you through the process of creating brand awareness.

Brand Consulting

Provide a Roadmap

We create a detailed set of customised tasks for you to tell your brand story and build your digital footprint.

Brand Agency

Full Service

Brand Storytelling Agency works with you to define your brand story and then creates content to build out your digital footprint

Create Content to Tell Brand Stories.

Shannon creates comprehensive brand storytelling strategies to help clients know what to say and where to say it to attract the right audience to their brands. She created the MarketAPeel  brand by bringing her years of experience in sales, marketing, advertising, storytelling, and writing together.

Neat Stationery
Sketching Pencils

Brand Storytelling Coach

MarketAPeel's individual Brand Storytelling coaching programs help business owners and professionals define their brand stories and build out their digital footprint to attract the right audience to their brand story.


Shannon Peel dives deep into your story to draw it out and help you to construct the right story for the right audience. She will keep you focused on the tasks specific to your brand storytelling needs to ensure you get the work done.

Work with your other marketing to ensure all the pieces are placed and your story is being seen throughout the customer's buying journey.

Our one - on - one coaching services help you focus on your story and the tasks you need to complete

Start by booking a 15 minute let's chat appointment

Brand Story Consulting


Just the Plan No content

MarketAPeel's Consulting Brand Storytelling creates a plan of action for you based on your specific business. 

1. Audit your current Digital Footprint

2. Research your industry & competition

3. Create a plan of action for you

4. Check in to ensure tasks are completed

5. Audit your progress and results

Our consulting services provide you with a full plan and outlines the tasks you need to do to build your digital footprint and tell your brand story

Up front fee + hourly update fee

Brand Story Coach
Just the Plan
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