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Data Analyst Finds the Story in the Data

Updated: Apr 28, 2022

Angeley Mullins CMO & CGO Latana Brand Tracking

Where do you reside currently?

Berlin, Germany

What do you do?

I am the CMO & CGO for Latana Brand Tracking, an AI-Powered brand tracking solution, designed to help brands make better marketing decisions. by understanding their data. As a leading B2B startup, all of us at Latana help users worldwide to understand key brand insights for both themselves and their competitors, enabling them to zoom in on the audiences that drive their business.

What is your top personal value?

Empathy and Understanding Others. For me, it means to try and understand where others are coming from and also their point of view. By doing this we can have a better understanding of ourselves and also the impact on others. This is also a value that helps you evolve as a person over time. Some of the most interesting conversations I have had have been just listening to others share their personal stories. For me this is impactful because I truly believe that you cannot lead anyone if you don't understand them.

What do you do when you aren't working?

I enjoy writing- a great way to express creativity and also to put my mind on something that is entirely different to what I usually do. I also really enjoy travelling ( not very much of that during the pandemic). It is always exciting to explore new places far and near. Even if it is something as simple as a day trip... get out and see the world!!!

What makes you unique?

I grew up around books and in a bookstore. In fact my family and family friends owned bookstores ( they still do). To this day, I find books and bookstores a magical place. The great thing about growing up this way is that you run into all sorts of interesting people. One of my favourite ones was many years ago I had the good fortune of being able to meet Françoise Gilot as a child in my family bookstore in La Jolla, California. Françoise Gilot is an artist and was one of Pablo Picasso's partners. She wrote me a beautiful poem and also a did a wonderful sketch for me. I still have it to this day.

What do you love about data analysing?

I really love helping others grow and helping others reach their own potential. One of my favourite recent stories is about a team member who was not sure about her own potential or what she could achieve. For me it was absolutely a delight to see her grow and come into her own. The day she told me how much more she believed in herself

What is the number one goal you are trying to achieve in your professional life?

To constantly evolve and continue learning. The more you experience the more you realise how much you still have to learn. Even at the highest levels, there is always more to learn.

Can you define the word Entrepreneur?

The ultimate risk taker. An Entrepreneur is a person who is willing to take the risks that others are not and are able to build a vision out fo thin air where others would not be willing to try. A business owner on the other hand is a person who likes to take on a pre-established or fully operational business. An entrepreneur take risks on ideas that are not yet established.

What did you do before you became a data analyst?

Learning from others. Understanding what it takes by surrounding myself with entrepreneurs and business owners to know what it is really like versus how it is portrayed.

What happened to inspire you to start a data analysis business?

At some point you just need to make a start. Most people dream but never follow their dreams Many times it is not necessarily the "magical moment", rather just the initiative to " begin". Just take the first step.

When you started what mistake or failure taught you the most about running a business?

It is more important that you have the right team with you. Hire for fit level and culture. Intelligent people can always step up to learn what they need to learn ( a particular skill, etc) however you cannot get the fit or culture right with training- these things tend to be hard wired.

What support did you have?

The best support for me was learning from others who have done it and were willing to share " what is it really like." For me this was very critical because there is a lot of glamour involved in the " idea" however not very much "reality" involved in what it takes.

How do you stay motivated to keep trying when there is a set back?

I have always liked to listen to stories of people who have overcome great adversity in life. There are others in this world with heroic stories facing challenges that would seem insurmountable. I find that I can learn from these individuals the best. There is nothing more motivating than the endurance of the human spirit.

Share a success you are very proud of.

I am proud of having the courage to keep going. It was more about overcoming all the challenges along the way and always believing in myself. Most people never reach their goals because they get discouraged along the way. I have never met an entrepreneur or business owner that did not suffer set backs. It reminds me of one of my favourite quotes: "Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts. " ( Churchill) .

I am passionate about growing companies and markets! My experience spans between: High Growth Start-Ups, Large Scale Corporations, and NGOs. I have been successful partnering with CEOs, Founders, & Investors to grow their companies as well as established Corporate Leaders expanding their organisations into international markets. My expertise spans both E-commerce & SaaS ( launching & growing business) leading Commercial Divisions including : Marketing, Sales, Product, Customer Success, Sales, & Operations. I specialise in growing leaders and departments in addition to achieving commercial growth. I am passionate about: Growth Strategy, Digital, Global Brand & International Strategy, Product Experience/GTM, Customer Acquisition, & Creative Solutions. My international experience spans: Europe, US, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, China, India, Mexico, Canada, South Korea, Japan, Brazil, & UAE. My work and interest centres around Growth & Revenue Strategy, Digital Experiences, and Customer Engagement.

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