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Does the Market Know
How You Solve Their Problem? 

The Everyman Hero Archetype Webinar

Personal branding is the story you tell yourself plus the story others tell about you. In other words, it is your reputation. 

When telling personal brand stories, the hero is you. 

In storytelling there are different types of heroes. The original hero created by ancient greek storytellers were Classic Heroes. They were bigger than life who were able to go up against unnatural foes and win. They are Ulysses, Jason, Odysseus, Hercules. 

Imagine if you told a story about yourself and came across as a Classical Archetype Hero. You'd face the most difficult of challenges and come out on top without even getting a scratch. Does this sound like someone you can relate to or trust? 

This is why knowing which type of hero you want to portray yourself as is important. It starts with understanding which type of hero you want to be known as and then ensuring the stories you tell meet the hero archetype criteria. 

The everyday hero is the most common and easiest for people to connect with because it's them, it's you, it's real. 

In your personal brand stories ensure the following criteria are met:

Struggles against a common enemy be it stress, the weather, or traffic 

Vulnerabilities because you are only human

Conclusion is positive because you persevered with a few bruises and scratches 

Why tell a personal brand story where you are vulnerable? 

Humans are vulnerable. We make mistakes. It's not the mistakes you make that matter, we all make them, it is what you do afterwards to make amends, correct the situation, come out the other side stronger that matters. People want to know the person they are dealing with will not leave them hanging if things go south. Sharing stories of how you overcome your vulnerabilities will show you can be depended upon and understand what others are going through. 

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Feeling overwhelmed by the sheer enormity of telling your brand story online? You aren't alone many people don't do anything because they are unsure about what to do or they've given up because there were no results to their brand storytelling efforts. When it comes to content marketing or brand storytelling people are so inundated with content they don't know where to start. This is why I created a program to help people like you build a strong foundation for your content marketing campaigns and build your brand one story at a time. 

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The BrandAPeel Show

Join Shannon Peel as she explores how to tell brand stories in the digital age. 

Monday through Saturday at 9:00am (PST)

The BrandAPeel Show

Join Shannon Peel as she explores how to tell brand stories in the digital age. 

Monday through Saturday at 9:00am (PST)

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