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Digital Magazines

Digital Magazines
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Your Own Magazine

Your Own Magazine

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Shannon Peel – Brand Storyteller, Host of the BrandAPeel Podcast

Shannon Peel – Brand Storyteller, Host of the BrandAPeel Podcast

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APeeling Digital Magazine - Decisions

APeeling Digital Magazine - Decisions

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Is your brand story falling flat?

Are people talking about your brand?

Are you struggling to be heard?


Many brand stories are fractured sound bites spread out over the Internet leaving the marketplace wondering who the business is and what they actually do. 

A customized digital magazine brings all the pieces together to guide the audience through the business' story from beginning to end.

MarketAPeel's custom digital magazines make brands look good

Imagine how impressive your brand will look with it's own multimedia and interactive digital magazine to showcase your brand story and how you help solve people's problems

Discover if a Custom Digital Magazine

is right for your Brand Story

APeeling Magazine

Experience a Real Digital Magazine

Custom - Interactive - Multimedia - Digital

Our writers write articles about the topic you choose for your magazine

Our content creators craft multimedia content to tell your story

Our designers design the magazine and bring in your content from your digital footprint

Our publishers publish the magazine with interactive and multimedia features

Interactive and multimedia features

Audio and video content 

Social media feeds

Links, buttons, and contact information

Forms and surveys

Quizzes and polls

Websites, forums, and comments


What are the Objectives of a Digital Magazine?

You want to make money from your digital magazine

You can create a digital magazine that people are willing to pay for a subscription. This works well for non-profits, professional organizations, and groups who have members to sell subscriptions to. The other option is to generate enough of a readership that your magazine will be valuable to advertisers who will be willing to pay to be in your magazine. 


You want to build a following with free subscriptions

Magazines are a great way to get people who are willing to sign up for a free subscription to you magazine. You can then email them the new issue to update them about your company, industry, products, or services. They are the perfect communication tool for corporations who want to communicate with their employees and keep them up to date on what is going on within the organization. Informative magazines are fancy newsletters, which encourage readers to engage and interact with your brand story without the distraction of other messages. 

APeeling and CurbAPeel digital magazines have free subscriptions to increase readership and brand awareness

You want to clarify your brand story to potential clients

Has anyone ever asked you, "What is it that you do? I see your posts on social media, but I'm not sure what you do." This happens because the content people engage with is not the content that talks about your business or brand. Your brand story gets fragmented and before you know it your audience is confused about who you are and what you do. 

Clarity is a digital brochure to guide readers through the story of what Shakeel Bharmal does to help corporate teams gain clarity. 

You want a referral tool for your network that is an app on your digital device

When your clients ask you to refer them to a professional or business, you can give them a custom digital magazine that showcases everyone in the group with their contact information. The magazine can be saved like an app to their phones desktop so they can access the directory to find the professional they are looking for. If everyone in the referral group gave it to their clients, it would create a number of leads for everyone in the group. 

Assured Allies in Vancouver is a digital directory for a group of professionals who refer business to each other and their clients save it on their phones as an app for easy access. 

You want a personal brand with credibility and influence

A custom digital magazine gives people instant credibility and can tell their brand story using design to showcase their image and message. APeeling digital magazine brings other people into the issues to tell stories and give instant credibility to brands. By embedding podcasts, video, and a host of other features, the story becomes interactive and engaging. 

Transitions is a quarterly digital magazine for Realtor® Susanita De Diego to connect with her market and keep them informed

Digital Magazine APeeling Real Stories by Real People

 A 2018 survey found that 45.3% of U.S. consumers have read a digital magazine in the last 30 days


Advantages of Publishing Custom Digital Magazine


  • Quick access

  • Cost-effective

  • Digital Subscription

  • Monetization

  • Editing is easy

  • Portable

  • Convenient

  • Global Presence

  • Interactivity

  • Analytics

  • Sustainability

  • Virality

  • Faster Publishing and Distribution

  • Content Flexibility

  • No Revenue Loss from Unsold Copies

Discover if a Custom Digital Magazine is right for your Brand Story

Which type of magazine do your want for your brand?

Types of Publications

Different Types of Digital Magazines for Brands

Digital magazine examples below - Click images or go to the free digital magazine newsstand

There are different types of books MarketAPeel can design for brands to tell their brand stories to the marketplace depending on the objective of the digital magazine. Here are a few different magazines we've designed for brands. 

Periodical Digital Magazine

An informative digital magazine published on a regular basis to send out to email lists, social media followers, and employees to keep a brand top of mind, provide value to the brand's market, and encourage new people to start following them. Examples of digital magazine periodicals in the MarketAPeel Newsstand are APeeling and Transitions

Digital Brochures

A multipage flipbook digital brochure with multimedia features to clearly communicate what a brand does and why a customer needs to choose their product or service to solve their problem. This is a one issue publication designed with evergreen content to guide the reader to the call of action. Examples of this type of publication are Clarity and On the Move

Digital Sales Presentations

A multipage flipbook digital sales presentation enables the story to unfold by providing the customer with the information they need using a multimedia and interactive design, while giving them access to answers to questions they may have without too much noise on the page. Our platform uses popups for videos, graphics, images, texts, and links to sites. Examples of this type of presentation are Your Own Magazine.

Transitions Digital Magazine for Realtor Susanita DeDiego
Finding Clarity Digital Magazine.png
Custom Digital Magazines for Brand Storytelling

Digital ebook Directory

A multipage flipbook digital directory that can be saved as an app on mobile devices and updated when necessary. This flipbook enables magazine layouts of each member of the directory with multimedia features, such as video, photos, graphics, audio, and more. Links to email, websites, and phone numbers are added to each members page for easy access when the customer needs the contact information. An example of this type of publication is Assured Allies in Vancouver. 

Assured Allies Vancouver Boljuncic Financial

Digital Media Press Kit

A simple digital brochure for the purpose of sending to the media as a link in the press release to tell the journalist more about the person or company. Perfect for speakers and influencers who want to get on podcasts, be interviewed by the news, and book speaking opportunities. By using the multimedia features the media can hear and see you when they are deciding whom to book for their next show. An example of this is Anthony Gruppo.

Anthony Gruppo Media Kit

This is NOT a print magazine made digital


It is a digital magazine designed for the digital experience. A print version can be designed specifically for the print experience.  We utilize flipbook technology to provide a different experience for readers. Publish using multi-media features, allowing the reader to choose their preferred method of experiencing your brand story.

Each issue has the following features available to tell the brand story:

  1. Targeted audience articles and general interest articles.

  2. Downloadable PDFs for feature sheets, checklists, planning

  3. Video either on the page or as a pop up for extra information

  4. Voice over audio to provide more information or guide the reader

  5. Podcast player to listen while flipping through the book or download

  6. Quizzes, surveys, polls, and puzzles to engage the reader

  7. Comments, ratings, and other interactive features available

  8. Lead generation form to increase subscriptions

Interested in your own brand customized digital magazine to tell your brand story?

Interactive Features

Interactive Digital Magazine Publishing

MarketAPeel publishes interactive, multimedia, digital magazines for brands who want to communicate with employees, customers, and the marketplace. Learn more: 

Creating Interactive Digital Magazines

Photos & Slideshows

We combine several photos into slideshows. We upload custom photos to your online magazine, arrange them however you want, and label the titles and descriptions for each. Set the image mode of your gallery and determine how long each photo will show. 


Add voice over, music, or podcast  directly to your online magazine. Set the mood for your publications and give readers options by letting them read AND listen to your content. 


They’re all the rage and for good reason! We add videos to your online magazine . 


Interact with your readers directly from your online magazine. Forms, polls, and rating plugin, for example, lets you know how much readers are enjoying your magazine. The Share plugin allows them to share your publication on their social pages. Want to start a conversation with your readers? Then we add comment form. With the Email Subscribe plugin, your readers can easily subscribe to your publication via their emails. 

Hotspots & Hyperlinks

Take readers to other websites, external links, and other pages directly from your magazine via hotspots and hyperlinks. Perfect if you have a personal website you want readers to check out or if your magazine includes a table of contents.

Online publishing is easy when you have the interactive tools you need to succeed. A digital interactive magazine designed for how we consume content on digital devices makes an impactful impression. 

Interactive Magazine FAQ

Interactive Digital Magazine FAQs

What if I want to make a digital magazine but don’t know how to make a PDF?

No problem our designers will create the PDF and publish your interactive custom digital magazine to tell your brand story. Our writers will work with he designer to customize your magazine from scratch.

How to make an online magazine with MarketAPeel?

Depending on the team's availability it can take a week from beginning to end to write your story and put it together into a flipbook style magazine. Our publishers than uploads it and adds the interactive multimedia features. 

Can I advertise in APeeling digital magazine?

Yes. If you want to know more about our advertising contact Shannon for details.

With 64% of people reading digital magazines on a monthly basis, there is a lot of competition. Interactive, engaging, and interesting content creates an amazing reading experience, for your audience to grow, and your interactive magazine with it.

What is an interactive magazine?


Interactive magazines are digital publication with features the reader must engage with to get the full experience. These actions could include: clicks, swipe, or touch to perform different operations. Some examples of actionable elements would be links, videos, lead forms, photo slideshows, pop-up frames, buy buttons and so much more. Take a look at the embedded template below to see how enriched this digital magazine example is, after the added interactivity.

Benefits of using interactivity in your magazines

1. Increase the time people spend reading your magazine

You double and even triple the chances of your magazine being read simply by adding all sorts of interactive engaging elements. And by as many people as you are able to reach with it. 

Get the job done with elements like eye-catching visuals, slow-paced GIFs, short videos, or other types of immersive media. Always put yourself in the reader’s shoes and try to predict what channel of engagement would work best for your niche and the subjects you tackle. 

You can truly take advantage of this benefit when you experiment with your interactive online magazine issues, every time you publish a new one. By doing so, you learn more and more about your audience and what their expectations are.

2. Establish an emotional connection with your readers

This takes me to the next benefit, which refers to establishing an emotional connection with your subscribers. Perhaps you haven’t considered interactivity as the element which would help you take a step forward in communicating with all types of readers. 

Think about it this way: you prompt the reader to actively click on any interactive element, which you have prepared for him/her in the magazine’s pages. In a way, the reader becomes a part of your magazine and thus, feels connected to it. 

If this is something you’ve struggled with in the past, it’s time to give interactivity a shot. You will be amazed at how much of a difference it makes with your readers!

3. Strengthen your brand’s identity and appeal

One of the most important requirements in any business transaction is trust. If customers don’t trust your business, if they have doubts about it being legit, they will not buy from you. The first step in building trust is getting your brand known, and the next step is getting customers to connect with it.

Since we already covered the part of getting customers to connect with your interactive digital magazine, we will dedicate this paragraph to building their trust. Even though this is a long, challenging process, it is crucial for enjoying the success that comes after. You can work in small steps toward winning your customers and differentiating your business. 

By adding interactivity to your magazine, you automatically have that “wow” factor. This will ensure that your readers find it remarkable. And there is truly no better way to build your brand than by being remarkable.

4. Drive more sales through shopping tags

There’s a whole potential you’re not tapping into if you dismiss the power of interactive magazines when it comes to driving more sales. But it’s important to know how to do it, so you get the most out of this marketing tactic. 

Through product tags and buy buttons, you can actually maximize your profit. Your readers can buy directly through your digital magazine, simply by clicking on “shop this item”. Additionally, you can edit the product tag by entering the product’s title, description, product’s URL, price, and images, of course.

Since a magazine isn’t the most suitable context for selling products, you can opt for a simple tag, and be more subtle with this section of the digital publication. Stick with me to find out exactly how you can add product tags to your magazine, in a few simple steps.

5. Send traffic from your magazine to your website

The opportunities are endless when it comes to maximizing your online magazine. And the benefits make all the efforts worth it. I think you’re already sold on this if we start with how much traffic your digital interactive magazines generate to your website. 

By redirecting your readers to your site, there is the obvious benefit of gaining more organic traffic. But there’s more: you’re educating them about your brand’s values and what you stand for. Thus, while you focus on being consistent with the message you send across; you begin and strengthen the trust process.

6. Get to know your readers through granular statistics

Imagine you’re doing everything mentioned above, but you disregard the importance of knowing your readers. It is the equivalent of building a really stable boat and then forgetting about the rows. They’re the ones that help you go to new places and experience different waters. There’s no way you can move forward or achieve your goals without statistics. 

Unlike a printed magazine, you can have access to a variety of statistics with a digital issue. From average time spent on a digital publication, to views, impressions, and which elements your readers clicked on. 

MaketAPeel Publishing

MarketAPeel Publishes Custom Digital Magazines for Brands

MarketAPeel is a custom digital magazine publishing company and brand storytelling agency


Our interactive magazine publishing is so much more than uploading the PDF of a designed for print magazine. Our designs are based on how people consume digital content on multiple devices, which means we ensure they can read the copy on their smart phone screens.

Custom digital magazines enable businesses to communicate with employees, investors, customers, and the marketplace.


Our designers create a magazine to reflect your brand. Our content creators bring your fractured brand story together to communicate clearly. Our interactive features engages your audience. Our multimedia approach gives your audience your brand story in the method they want to consume it.


Some people enjoy reading, others listening, while the rest watch to understand why they need to choose the business as the solution to their problem. By having multiple options we create magazines personalized to your audience's preferred content type.

You can read the copy on all devices, including your mobile phones.


We do this by gathering content a business has already created for their digital footprint and bring it together to create a brand story to guide audiences from awareness to advocacy. Our staff of brand storytellers, writers, designs, and voice over talent create visuals, articles, and audio content to communicate the brand message. We work with your video creator or our preferred vendors to create the video content for your custom magazine. 

Do You Want to KNOW MORE about Customized Magazines for Brands?