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How to Build Your Digital Funnel and Footprint

Creating a brand story is only the beginning, next your have to build out your digital footprint so your ideal audience sees you along their buying journey. Join Shannon Peel as she peels back the noise to get to the core of your marketing funnel.

CreateAPeel's Digital Footprint is a variety of courses to help you build your digital footprint and marketing funnel.

Do it Self

A Bit of Help


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Free DIY Resources to build your digital footprint and funnel

Affordable guidedResources to build your digital footprint and funnel

Extensive multi day workshop to build your digital footprint

How to Build a Digital Marketing Funnel Free Resources

Do it Self Digital Funnel building is a free resource to help you figure out how to build out your digital funnel and guide your ideal customer from brand awareness to brand advocacy.


These free resources will help you create a path through your digital footprint to your front door, and to tell your brand story in an impactful way.

UnPeeled Blog Posts on Digital Marketing Funnels

BrandAPeel Podcast Episodes on Creating a Digital Marketing Funnel

Know How Your Digital Footprint's Content Fits in Your Marketing Funnel

Do it Self

CurbAPeel's "Fill Your Funnel" and APeeling Business Titles
Multimedia, Interactive Digital Books

These multimedia, interactive, digital books are packed full of information to help you create an APeeling business, create a digital footprint, and marketing funnel.  

Brand Storytelling Audit - Digital Footprint

Do you know what your brand is saying to potential customers? Let us help you find out with our Brand Storytelling Audit. This comprehensive audit examines your entire digital footprint, including a social media audit for up to three platforms, a Google search keyword audit, website copy audit on up to five pages, blog copy audit on your most recent 10 posts, PR audit for press mentions and guest interviews/postings, and an SEO backlink audit to see what Google is telling about you. You'll also receive two hours of coaching and a detailed review of our audit findings to help you optimize your digital marketing funnel.

Want Instruction to help you understand the ins and outs of Digital Marketing Funnels?

A 2 hour Digital Funnels Mini Course

Learn the ins and outs of building a digital marketing funnel. At the end of this two hour mini-course you will have a deeper understanding about how marketing funnels work in relation to a customer's journey from pain to solution. 

You will be able to start planning your own funnel to guide your ideal customers through their own buying journey to your buy button or front door.

Marketing Funnel Mini Course
Marketing Funnel Mini Course
Jun 20, 2023, 11:00 AM PDT
Learn the ins and out of a marketing funnel and why you need oneStarting at 11am PST = 2pm PST

Want more support as you build out your digital footprint?

The CreateAPeel
Guided Digital Marketing Funnel Building Course

The CreateAPeel Guided Digital Funnel Building Course offers a comprehensive approach to creating a successful digital marketing funnel.


From workbooks and videos to webinars, Shannon Peel will lead you through the entire process, providing you with the resources and knowledge needed to build a brand that will draw people in and keep them coming back.


By the end of this course your digital footprint will constantly guide your ideal audience from brand awareness to brand advocacy to increase your bottom line

Once you have completed step-by-step course you will have a digital funnel that meets your ideal customer

at multiple points along their customer buying journey. 

In the course you will:

  • Analyse your current digital footprint and digital marketing funnel to discover gaps you need to fill. 

  • Discover where your ideal customer is and the path they take to buying a product or service like yours. 

  • Identify signals of the problem you solve to put people who need your right away into an express lane.

  • Build a strategic longterm plan so you know what you need to do to build a strong digital presence 

  • Craft a clear brand story that meets your ideal customers along their buyers journey.

  • Construct a digital yellow brick road that is easy for people to follow to your door.

  • Establish a daily task routine to ensure your funnel is constantly adding potential customers.

  • Define criteria to identify your ideal customer and design content to help them to buy in to your solution.

  • Initiate conversations with people who meet your criteria and need your services in the near future.


By the end of this self paced course you will have a yellow brick road for your ideal customers to travel along on their buying journey to your solution.  Click here to register and start leading people to your business' front door.

One time Payment to get started on your marketing funnel to tell your brand story to your ideal audience.

Best Value




Build a Digital Funnel

Valid until canceled


Extreme Digital Footprint and Funnel Building Workshop

Content Creation, Social Media Strategies, Funnel Building, Automated Follow-up Strategies, and more. This Digital Marketing Funnel Workshop provides an intense four week period for you to build out your digital marketing funnel with the help and guidance from experienced digital marketer, Shannon Peel. Every Saturday, join a live virtual meeting to brainstorm and get support, ideas, and guidance from Shannon Peel. You'll learn how to create content, develop social media strategies, build out your digital funnel, create automated follow-up strategies, and much more.

About the Digital Marketing Funnel Building Workshop

  • You've been meaning to create a digital marketing funnel

  • You have a funnel but it isn't working effectively

  • You want to guide your ideal customer to your door

If you identify with any of these statements - The CreateAPeel Funnel Building Workshop is for you

This is a multi day virtual workshop to guide you through the process of creating a marketing funnel. For a month, you will commit time each Saturday to meet via zoom to do the work to create your marketing funnel.



This is NOT just a email campaign Funnel...



You will be creating a multi-platform funnel to meet your ideal customer where they are along their buying journey. It will incorporate, marketing, advertising, publicity, social media, video, website SEO, email, community building, and more depending on your specific customer journey. 



Workshops are on Saturdays and there will be homework. However, once your digital funnel is built - it will guide your ideal customers to your door while you focus on other aspects of your business. 


Weekly Digital Marketing Funnel Building Topics:


Funnel Strategy

Week 1 will guide you through the strategy process and give you tools to build out your marketing funnel to match your ideal customer's journey. At the end you will have a plan of action specific to your business and your customer's buying journey. 


Funnel Story


Week 2 will help you explore the story you want to tell your ideal customer along their journey so they will know what to expect from your brand. By the end of the day you will create a story with BrandAPeel. 

Funnel Foundation


Week 3 will give you the time and guidance to build out the foundation of your funnel using multiple platforms based on your business' specific needs and where your ideal customer goes along their buying journey

Funnel Content


Week 4 will tap into your creativity to create a content plan and start to create the content to flesh out your marketing funnel so your ideal audience is getting what they need along their buying journey.


What you will need to build your Digital Marketing Funnel


You will need access to a printer or a notebook to write in and pens

Highlighters in different colours

Post it notes and an empty wall or window

No distraction workspace 

A computer with access to zoom 

Programs You Will be Building Out

If you already have the following, great - If not wait and we will discuss the options during the on boarding day.

CRM program

Emailing program

Website and Blog

Social Media Profiles and Schedulers

Directory Platforms

Enrol in the Next Intense Digital Marketing Funnel and Footprint Workshop

This intense 4 week program is the perfect way to get your digital footprint foundation and digital marketing funnel built. Led by Shannon Peel, you'll meet every Saturday for a full day instruction, brainstorm, and focused work session to ensure everything is done right. This workshop only happens twice a year with limited space so don't miss out! Sign up for the upcoming workshop all of July and get your digital funnel and footprint built for the fall.

The CreateAPeel Extreme Digital Footprint and Funnel course   $997/ week or $2,297 for all 4 weeks

CreateAPeel Funnel Building Workshop
CreateAPeel Funnel Building Workshop
Multiple Dates
Jul 08, 2023, 10:00 AM

A done for you marketing funnel option

The APeeling Series books are a marketing funnel process to get the experts in the book in front of their ideal audiences. 

Choose to be a presenter at a event / book or buy a package in a current APeeling title.

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