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Social Media Tips

The Key to Success on Social Media
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Succeed on Social Media

How to Succeed on Social Media

Put aside an hour a day to engage with other people's posts. Engage by making a comment or asking a question to start a conversation. The more often you write comments the faster you get noticed by those in your target market.​

Hitting "like" is not enough, though it will help to build your newsfeed. When you hit like, that person's future posts will show up in your feed to comment on.

Here are some ideas to help you find the right content to comment on.

On Twitter:

Use Twitter's list feature to create feeds of interesting people. Check the list consistently to engage with your ideal audience criteria. The more you engage the more people will follow you.

All Social Media Platforms:

Create a spreadsheet with links to profiles of people you want in your newsfeed. Go through the list once a week to find content to engage with and start adding these people into your newsfeed.

Make a list of hashtags you find interesting and search them daily for engaging content.

Use the search bar to find posts using your keywords to find people who are talking about what you do. You will discover what your competitors are posting about and potential clients.


To improve your newsfeed, engage with people you want and block the spammy posters you don't want to see. If you do this regularly, your newsfeed will become more valuable.

To save you time, use a social automation tool like, zoho social, to schedule your posts and ensure your content calendar is full. - I've used Hubspot, Loomly, Buzzsumo, and currently use zoho social because it is part of Zoho One's 40 apps that work together to manage everything a small business needs measured for one small rate. 

Do You Struggle to Create Content for Social Media? 

Spend less time Creating Content.


Content Packages makes posting content easy.


  • Get generic images / graphics on specific topics

  • Text to copy and paste

  • Writing prompts to help you tell your brand story


Where to get content packages:


  • CurbAPeel members receive monthly real estate content packages

  • APeeling members receive monthly motivational content packages

  • Content Packages A La Carte, available in the BookAPeel Store

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