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We Help Leaders, Speakers, and Professionals Write Books


We understand busy professionals rarely have the time they need to write a book and most do not know where to start. We help you save time by helping you define a concept, brainstorm ideas, organize data, and flesh out the content. We then help you write the book using tools to ensure you spend as little time as possible typing, editing, and revising the text.


Writing a book does not have to be time consuming or daunting.

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Define what your book is about, help you organize your thoughts, and develop the content.

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Publish professional quality print products along with e-book and audio versions of your book for sale online

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Help write your book by taking on the most time consuming parts so you can keep working at what you get paid for.

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Our marketing team creates a media kit, marketing content package, and sources out industry book reviewers / bloggers

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Once our editors, beta readers, and proofreaders have ensured the manuscript is polished, we start the design of the pages and the cover art.

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Submit your book to online stores, as well as our own site, to help you sell more books

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