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Story Brand Copywriter Holly Fisher

Meet Story Brand Copywriter Holly Fisher Owner of Fisher Creative Marketing

Where do you reside currently?

Asheville, North Carolina

What do You do?


Many people struggle to write clear, compelling marketing copy. As the owner of Fisher Creative Marketing, I take that burden off business owners by crafting copy that cuts through the noise and helps them reach more potential customers. I'm also a StoryBrand Certified Guide and have used the StoryBrand Framework to help dozens of organizations fuel their marketing. We work together to create a clear message and then I write all the content for an effective sales funnel -- website, lead generators, emails. With these tools in place, my clients turn leads into customers and boost their bottom line.

What is your top personal value?

For me, it's my faith. When it comes to my work and my personal life, I strive bring glory to God and demonstrate love for others. Exemplifying that in my work means giving clients incredible value. I want them to walk away feeling they had the best experience.

What do you do when you aren't working?

I spend my days writing great copy for my clients but I also enjoy squeezing in personal writing time when I can. I love CrossFit and you can find me at CrossFit Asheville every morning. I also love driving my Dodge Challenger around town. I live in the mountains so try to get outside as much as possible to enjoy all the beauty of Western North Carolina.

What do you love about what you do and how do you help others?

One of my favorite things is when clients get much-needed clarity around how they can talk about their business. As we work through their marketing message, they often have an "ah-ha" moment.

What is the definition of the word Brand?

Your brand is how people see you. It's their perception of you or your business and how you can make their life better.

What is brand awareness and why is it important to the brand story?

People are bombarded with countless marketing messages, advertisements and content. So it takes a lot to get their attention and build that awareness. The best way to do that is by incredibly clear about what you offer and how you can help people solve a problem. When you get bogged down in trying to be too cute and clever, you risk confusing your potential customers and clients. And when people are confused, they don't take action.

Which platforms must a brand have in their digital footprint?

No. 1 is an effective website. Your website has be incredibly clear and it needs to move people to action. Beyond that, you should choose the platforms where your potential customers and clients spend their time. If you're a B2B business, that might be LinkedIn. If your audience is largely female, that might be Instagram or Pinterest. Don't worry about having a large digital footprint. Instead focus on the most impactful platforms and show up consistently.

What one thing must you do on Social Media when telling a brand story?

I love using video. Last year I started recording short videos I call the "Monday Marketing Minute." They are quick and incredibly helpful tips about marketing messaging, websites, emails and other elements of your sales funnel. I post them to YouTube and also share them on LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram. These videos are also great content for my weekly nurture emails and I receive a lot of great comments on the video content.

What is a common mistake you see brands making in the brand awareness part of their story?

They aren't being clear. They haven't clearly defined the problem they solve for people. So, they wind up talking about too many problems they try to solve. Be known for one thing. Be known as the No. 1 solution to a specific problem.

From her Website

If you’re not a copywriter, trying to write your own marketing messages, website copy and email campaigns can feel impossible. I get it. It’s why I hire a bookkeeper and an accountant. Focus on your strengths and hire skilled professionals to save you time and frustration.

As a StoryBrand Certified Guide, I’ve helped dozens of organizations create a clear message and develop an effective sales funnel that generates more leads and boosts their bottom line.

A long-time professional writer and former full-time journalist, I believe in the power of story plus clarity to inform and engage. As a business owner, I appreciate how much time, money and energy you put into your work. You have a desire to solve your customer’s problem. Let’s make sure they know exactly how you can help and how they can do business with you.

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