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Multi-media custom digital magazines published by MarketAPeel. 

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The MarketAPeel Digital Magazine Newsstand showcases those custom digital magazines created for marketing brands and telling brand stories to the marketplace. Subscribe to these free digital magazines, forms inside each periodical. View the APeeling Digital Magazines - Free to Subscribe.   Bookmark to come back to the newsstand to read the latest issue of these titles.  

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Scroll down to see the various digital magazines designed and published by MarketAPeel for professionals and companies who need to tell their brand stories to the marketplace.

Finding Clarity Digital Magazine
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Assured Digital Magazine
First homes digital magazine
APeeling digital magazine about life changes

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Your Own Magazine Custom digital magazines

Transition Digital Magazine- Free Subscription

The Transition digital magazine is free for readers and published by MarketAPeel for Calgary Realtor® Susanita De Diego. Click the arrow on the right to read here or click to read the Calgary Real Estate Digital Magazine Transitions

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Collen's North Shore Homes Digital Magazine Brochure

The Digital Magazine Brochure, Colleen's North Shore Homes, is a one issue publication for North Vancouver Realtor® Colleen Shorter. To experience the MarketAPeel digital brochure difference, click the arrow on the right.

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CurbAPeel for Realtors® - Free Subscription

CurbAPeel for Realtors® is a digital magazine free for real estate professionals to help them create a personal brand with Curb Appeal. Subscription form within the digital magazine. 

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Finding Clarity Digital Magazine Brochure

Finding Clarity is a single issue digital magazine to introduce people to the corporate coaching services of Shakeel Bharmal. 

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Assured Allies Vancouver Digital Magazine Directory

Assured Allies Vancouver Digital Magazine is a Directory of a group of referral partners. They send it to their customers who save it as an app on their phones so they have access to everyone's contact info, bio, video, interview, etc.

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Home First Digital Magazine Brochure

Home First is a one issue digital magazine to showcase the services of Realtors® Veronica and Michael Palin.

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