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How to Stand Out Online

Updated: Mar 30, 2023

Are you frustrated with your marketing results and feel like you are hitting your head against a brick wall? Find out how to stand out in today's digital marketplace.

MarketAPeel has launched a new virtual summit platform to help solopreneurs, small businesses, influencers, marketing professionals, and brands trying to get noticed in 2023.

Shannon Peel of MarketAPeel knows you spend hours trying to connect with your ideal audience online and in the end, the results are not reflective of the effort you've put in. As you see others get more engagement on social media and hear stories of people making millions online, you start feeling like it's unfair and you want to give up.

Don't give up

marketing isn't working should i quit

From January 30th to February 3rd, 15 professionals shared their secrets to help you stand out in today's digital marketplace.

Shannon Peel, brand storyteller and owner of MarketAPeel hosted the virtual event along with Rich Bontranger of How to Rock the Stage. They interacted with the presenters to ensure you find the solutions to get your brand message to Stand Out in 2023.

These Stand Out presentations were collected and added to the digital book, Stand Out online. This multimedia, interactive, digital book is launching on March 20th for $49. It is packed full of ideas, sound bite gems of value, and worksheets to help you create a marketing strategy to stand out in today's digital marketplace.

The Stand Out Summit Presentations:

How to stand out by knowing your values

Do you know what you want to be known for in the Marketplace or is your message confusing your audience?

Shannon Peel will help you figure out what you want to be known for so your messaging can be clear and concise. When you know what you want others to know about you and what you do, you are able to tell a consistent story across multiple platforms instead of leaving people confused about why they should care about your brand.

How to stand out on the stage

Do you make a memorable impression on virtual stages or does the audience tune you out?

Rich Bontranger, "The Trigger" will share his secrets with you to help you rock the virtual stage. Rich draws from his 30 years of broadcasting experience to teach people how to connect with audiences on virtual stages.

How to Stand out with publicity pr

Are you using PR to get your message in front of the right people?

PR Specialist Lilian Sue will be sharing her experience, insights, and stories to help your brand get the credibility it deserves by being seen in the press.

How to.create stand out websites

Is your website converting visitors or is it confusing them?

Website expert James Hipkin will be sharing how to get your website to stand out with digital marketing to ensure the right people are making their way to your website.

Plus 11 other specialists will be answering the question - How to Stand Out in Today's Digital Marketplace.

How to Stand Out Online Digital Book

An interactive, multi media, digital book packed full of solutions, ideas, and tools to help you stand out in today's digital marketplace. If you are struggling to differentiate yourself or get noticed on social media sites - you need this book. Check it out for yourself... Click on the cover below.

Do you want to stand out from your competition and make a bigger impression online?

The solutions to your online messaging problems is waiting for you inside this interactive, multimedia digital book.

Experience it for yourself... The Stand Out Online Digital Book.

Stand out podcast

The How to Stand Out Online - Podcast Episodes

Use Publicity to Stand Out in today's Digital Marketplace

Are you struggling to get people to take you seriously? Maybe you need some publicity to gain credibility and authority in the marketplace. Today, Shannon Peel spoke with Lilian Sue, PR specialist and Publicity Coach, about why brands need publicity and how to go about getting it. If you want to increase the credibility of your brand, be seen by bigger audiences, and let your audience know you are an authority in your industry - You need publicity so click play and find out how to get into the news.

Getting your website to convert

Are you getting traffic to your website but people aren't buying? Today, Shannon Peel talked with expert website designer James Hipkin from Inn8ly about how to get more traffic to your site and get more conversions. Getting traffic to your site is difficult, so when someone shows you want to look your best and lead them to do what you want - be it buy, book an appointment, or spend more time consuming content. If you want better results, this episode is for you.


MarketAPeel is a brand storytelling agency and digital publisher who helps you get in front of your ideal audiences in a crowded and loud world of online content. Started by Shannon Peel in 2018, MarketAPeel has evolved from a marketing agency to a digital platform for brands to get noticed in today's digital world. They help brands by managing collaborative projects, like summits, hosting the BrandAPeel: Brand Storytelling in the Digital Age Podcast, publishing the APeeling Digital Magazine, and providing brands with contribution opportunities for the UnPeeled Blog. This Summit is the latest platform in their product catalogue.

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