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Meet Tammy Boljuncic Insurance Advisor

By Shannon Peel as seen in the Free Digital Magazine APeeling in February

Tammy Boljuncic helps people protect their wealth using, investment, insurance, tax, and estate planning tools. She has a passion for helping others succeed, which drives her get out into the world and find someone to cheer for. She has a joy for life, which radiates from her and fills a room with positive energy. Her life’s purpose is to support others, help them keep their family’s wealth safe, and find financial security. Her generous nature is at the core of her client centric philosophy.

She goes out of her way to make her clients feel comfortable and safe because she has a mission to protect others, ensure they are protected when vulnerable, and are not taken advantage of by selfish people. When you meet her, you realize it isn’t an act, she really lives to provide safety to others because she has a deep seeded need to feel safe and wants everyone to experience the joy of life when they are no longer living in fear.

Tammy loves a good contract and reads up on industry products every day to ensure she has the information her clients need to make an informed decision. She strives to understand the reasons her clients want to save, protect their families, and their health so she can introduce them to products matching their needs and not the ones that pay her the most. In fact, she doesn’t know which insurance companies or products pay higher or lower commissions because that is the only piece of information she skips over when diving into the features and benefits of each insurance product and its contracts. It truly bothers her when she sees people who were sold something they didn’t need, didn’t want, and didn’t ask for when they approached a financial professional.

To protect her clients, it is important to be a resource and have the answers to help them make the best decisions, this takes constant study. She is currently taking the CFP – Certified Financial Professional course to be able to provide her clients with more in the way of answers, products, and solutions for their financial plans and goals. She takes every opportunity to learn about the industry and all it has to offer in order to serve clients the best options for their situation.

If you don’t continue to read and learn about all the options, you can’t help people with the tough stuff, like tax planning. Taxes are complicated and most people find it boring to read about tax law and how to pay less in tax because it is a complicated always changing part of financial planning. When she talks to people who don’t know how to lower their tax bill and do not have a plan in place to ensure their wealth is protected from tax, she becomes a crusader to educate them, advocate on their behalf, and bring trustworthy professionals to the table to efficiently structure their financial plan.

When she talks to people who fear they won’t be able to retire because they won’t have enough money to live on, it bothers her. She believes everyone should have the right to retire and afford to take care of themselves. Many people are uncomfortable talking about their financial health, pension plans, taxes, and estate plans. Tammy approaches the topics with an upbeat, excited energy because she loves talking about these topics. Don’t understand your pension plan, no problem she’ll dive in and explain it to you. Don’t know how much you’ll really need in the bank to be able to walk away from your job? No problem, Tammy will explore what lifestyle you want and how much it will cost. She loves these types of challenges because at the heart of what she is doing is helping people find security and joy in their future, which is her purpose in life.

There are many reasons why Tammy loves the insurance and investment industry, when it comes to a personal reason it is all about the numbers. She prefers insurance products and segregated funds because of the certainty they offer her clients and the lower risk when compared to other investment vehicles. Her approach is to secure what you have first and then decide if you can afford to take higher risks with your family’s wealth.

She prefers working with clients who work hard, have saved some money, built wealth through real estate or business, and need a way to protect their family. People who want guarantees, who want to feel secure, and know what they will have in the end are her ideal clients.

Learn more about Tammy and the Professionals in Vancouver whom she trusts to refer to her clients in the Free Digital Magazine - Assured


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