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Brand Storytelling Tip

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

How can you establish yourself as the go to expert and stand out in today's digital marketplace?

Does Your Site Have the Answers?

Why do people Google? Because they are looking for information.

Make a list of Frequently Asked Questions by going to Answer the Public, Quora, and Reddit to find questions people are asking about your industry and the problems they experience which you have a solution.

for example:

  • How come my marketing isn't working?

  • How can I increase my viewers on social media?

  • What catches people's attention?

  • Why do people choose to buy one brand and not the other?

You can even use Google by typing in keywords and see what shows up in the questions section above the organic results and at the bottom of the search page in the - you may also consider searches.

Once you have a list of questions, you need to find the answers by Googling for them or by making calls to those in the know who may be able to offer you a unique quote or two, which no other site will have. Unique content makes you stand out.

Once you have the FA Questions and Answers you will need to send the information to your web designer so they can create an FAQ page based on keywords and all that SEO stuff...

branding book brand storytelling guide


Get them before they ask the question by creating content from your FAQs sheet for social media. Create short videos for youtube and Tictok and all those platforms cashing in on the short video.

As you create these videos, graphics, or blog posts - you can consistently share the content to your social media following and email lists until they learn that if they have a question - you're the Brand who has the answers.

Be the Answer Guy or Gal ... Enjoy

Read the following new UnPeeled articles written by Stand Out Summit presenter and PR specialist Lilian Sue to help you get in front or the right audience.

Raising brand awareness for your story can be done in a myriad of ways. From social media content to blogs and email newsletters, you can share your brand story with your audiences and subscribers using images, videos, audio clips and written content.

Here's the difference between sharing your brand story using the above methods versus using a public relations strategy:

Today, I wanted to focus specifically on how interviews can help you stand out with audiences and build credibility, provided you are being featured on the right podcasts, radio/TV shows, magazines, and websites.

Use Publicity to Stand Out in today's Digital Marketplace

Are you struggling to get people to take you seriously? Maybe you need some publicity to gain credibility and authority in the marketplace. Today, Shannon Peel spoke with Lilian Sue, PR specialist and Publicity Coach, about why brands need publicity and how to go about getting it. If you want to increase the credibility of your brand, be seen by bigger audiences, and let your audience know you are an authority in your industry - You need publicity so click play and find out how to get into the news.

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