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Speaking as a Marketing Channel

Updated: Jul 18

Call for Speakers

Are you frustrated with your content marketing results?

Has social media let you down?

Do you find yourself paying more for leads than they are worth?

Speaking as a marketing channel may be the next step to get in front of your ideal audience.

In today's digital world, there are many ways to get in front of audiences and give a presentation as an 'expert' in your industry. Is speaking an effective way to build your brand and find customers for your business? I asked a few business owners about their experiences when it came to speaking as a marketing channel.

The answer is "Yes ... BUT..."

Many people go onto podcasts and event stages, give their talk and that's it. They move on to the next stage or marketing task and wonder why speaking didn't work for them.

It's not like it was 10 years ago.

Event hosts and podcasters give you the stage, a bit of promo, and move onto the next speaker. Their objective isn't to get you more followers, its to give their audience a reason to tune in. Plus, hosts are getting frustrated by guests who don't promote the episode or event to bring in audiences because the guest is there only to increase their own reach. Many hosts are realizing they get more out of the show if it were a solo show or had one partner to discuss ideas with instead of unappreciative guests.

Don't forget the hosts owns the audience, not you... You are a guest and the host is doing a lot of work to get you in front of people to share your story.

You need to give the host some love by sharing it with your audience and the audience a reason to want to add your channel to the media they consume.

There are more stages, more people speaking, and more places for audiences to find what they are looking for so, they aren't as tuned in or plugged into the community.

Taking the time to understand the show you are going on or the stage you are going to be standing on will help you to craft the right story to tell the audience. If you are going to be interviewed by the host, listen to what they are saying and let them take the lead.

It is in the process of the conversation where the reasons people tune in is revealed.

Use the stage as a way to connect with people

Do you offer a free give away - an ebook, discount code, or product? Something where they need to give you their information to signal they are interested in what have to offer?

If you are just going on to a stage and have no reason for audience members to reach out to you, then they won't and you'll be forgotten. You need to create a path for people to want to move closer to your end game. If you offer the host an affiliate link - then they will have an incentive to add it to the description and give it to their audience.

Use the stage as an Opportunity to be Credible

Make sure you share that you are going to be on the stage with your audience on social and email.

Tell them you've been invited to speak about <insert your topic> to show your connections you are a sought after authority. They may not buy a ticket or press play to hear you speak but they will see people want to hear what you have to say and will take notice.

Don't stop there - If there is a public link to your podcast interview or speech on a stage, share it long after the date it launched. Remind your connections that you have something interesting to say. They may even get curious enough the third time round to click the link and hit play.

Yes, speaking gets you in front of new audiences - but that is not the most important audience. Use the social proof of your authority to remind your connections why they want to pay attention to what you post, say, and are doing.

Create a media page on your website and add links to where you've been quoted and embed the video and audio content to make it easier for people to know you as a credible resource.

Call for Speakers

MarketAPeel has a number of summits looking for presenters who will provide audiences with actionable ideas to help them solve a problem they are experiencing. Our stage is a marketing channel for speakers to share their ideas and advice by answering a specific question that the audience is looking for solutions to help them succeed.

The speakers provide actionable ideas, an offer, and a freebie for audience members.

Want to know more about how you can get on the MarketAPeel Virtual Stage, - Click for our Call for Speakers. - to discover which topics we are looking for speakers for and how our summits are different.

Once the event is over, all audience members receive a special digital book with more ideas.

MarketAPeel is launching Summits

The next evolution of the MarketAPeel platforms to tell your brand story is being launched to help you tell people your brand story and others to find solutions to the problems they find frustrating.

Come out and discover how this stage will benefit those who want to use speaking as a marketing channel and people who are looking for solutions to specific problems.

Drop into an information session to discover how MarketAPeel Summits will be different from other summits for both the presenter and the audience.

Click here to RSVP for an information session.

brand storytelling book

Want to come to a summit to find solutions?

What does a ticket get you?

  1. Access to 15 live presentations (virtual 1.5 hrs / day)

  2. Access to 5 live panels (virtual 30 min/day)

  3. Access 2 virtual networking events

  4. Access to ALL replay videos

  5. A copy of a digital book

  6. Discounts, offers, & freebies

  7. A PWT Gift bag full of stuff!

How much is the ticket? $25 USD

Want to get in front of your ideal audience, tell them about your solution to their problem, and present them with an offer to buy?

Want to make some money as an affiliate?

Whom do you know who wants to get in front of their ideal audience in 2023?

Invite them to an information session and make some money.

First, become a MarketAPeel affiliate, create an affiliate link to the summit information page or the events page on and then send it out with a note telling them why you are going to speak at the summit and you thought they would benefit from being there with you.

Are you looking for a Speaker for your meeting, event, or conference?

Do you need a guest for your Podcast?

Consider booking Shannon - Discover more about what she speaks about, listen to her being interviewed, and then send her information on your application to be a guest or speaker process.

Speaker information

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