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How Public Relations Can Help You Build Brand Awareness

Updated: Feb 20, 2023

Raising brand awareness for your story can be done in a myriad of ways. From social media content to blogs and email newsletters, you can share your brand story with your audiences and subscribers using images, videos, audio clips and written content.

Here's the difference between sharing your brand story using the above methods versus using a public relations strategy: Social media, blogging and email newsletters are all content created and shared by you to audiences. Your readers, fans and followers may on occasion share that content on their social media feeds, but the original content comes from you.

Relying on your own content marketing strategy can only get you so far. Why? Because you and your team being your own cheerleaders will not build trust or credibility with your audiences. Why would it? They know you want to sell your products, book more clients for your services, sell more tickets etc. But another person, brand or platform with considerable credibility and a sizeable audience supporting you? That's a different story.

This is where a public relations strategy has power. It's about sharing your brand story through trust and credible media outlets to reach the right audiences where they're spending their time.

You want to be able to build positive, long-lasting relationships with key media platforms (ie. podcast, TV and radio shows, magazines, blogs and more) to share with them why you do what you do, why it's impactful and how you inspire, educate, captivate audiences, and how your products, services, projects and events can solve their problems and/or fill a gap in the marketplace.

By leveraging these relationships, your appearances on these platforms not only brings visibility to your brand story, the trust and credibility that these media outlets have spent years cultivating among their audiences, is transferred in part, to you.

Take this example: You're launching a new app to help connect low income youth in need