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Summits Offer Solutions to Problems

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

Matching businesses to their ideal audience by creating stages where speakers offer solutions to audiences with a specific problem.

Summit speaking as a marketing channel to find clients

MarketAPeel has launched a new virtual summit platform to help people find the solutions they are looking for and businesses find the people who have the problem they solve.

Shannon Peel of MarketAPeel said, "You spend hours trying to connect with your ideal audience online and in the end, the results are not reflective of the effort you've put in. As you see others get more engagement on social media and hear stories of people making millions online, you start feeling like it's unfair and you want to give up." She knows the feeling because she has felt defeated by the algorithms and the lack of results from her efforts.

In 2022, she explored speaking as a marketing channel and felt it was the perfect platform to combine with her brand storytelling agency and digital publishing house to help people find solutions. "It was a natural progression for the MarketAPeel brand to bring all its promotional products to a virtual stage to benefit both businesses and audiences who are struggling to find each other." Her approach is unique because she packages the content using her digital book publishing house to create a multimedia, interactive experience long after the summit is over.

Brand storytelling summit event marketing

The Launch of Speaking as a Marketing Channel

From Jan 30th to Feb 3rd, 2023, speakers at the Stand Out Summit will answer the question, "How can I stand out in today's digital marketplace?" Anyone who is trying to tell their brand story online will learn how they can stand out in today's digital marketplace.

Shannon Peel, brand storyteller and owner of MarketAPeel, will be hosting the virtual event along with Rich Bontranger of How to Rock the Stage. They will be interacting with the presenters to ensure audiences find the solutions they've been looking for to get their brand message to Stand Out in 2023.

Over 5 days, 10 - 15 speakers will share their insights to help audiences solve their marketing frustrations and get more from their efforts by standing out to the right audience for their solution.

Get your ticket for this solutions packed virtual summit... You will walk away with solutions you can implement in your brand's online message to stand out and move forward towards your goals.

Find out what your ticket includes at

The solutions to your online messaging problems is waiting for you at this new event...

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