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Be Seen as an Expert with an interactive multimedia eBook

Updated: Dec 3, 2022

Small business owners, professionals, and experts struggle to get known in the marketplace due to the onslaught of content being posted on digital media platforms everyday. These smaller operations and solopreneurs must compete with larger corporations for space on tiny screens and its getting more expensive as more businesses adopt a digital marketing approach. During the Pandemic, businesses and people discovered they could profit from moving to online channels, however the space for the content remained fixed. What was working, suddenly either cost more or stopped working as competition for eyeballs increased and larger players raised the content and social media marketing bar.

Shannon Peel, brand storyteller at MarketAPeel Brand Storytelling Agency and Digital Publisher knows the frustrations that solopreneurs and smaller operations go through to get noticed and build an audience. "I believe that businesses need to connect directly with their ideal audiences by identifying them and then reaching out directly to give them a tool to help move towards a solution to their problem. When we tell our ideal customers their own stories to them, it enables us to show our solution as the weapon they can use to slay their dragons and be the hero of their stories. I strive to help brands develop a high level of understanding of their ideal customers and how their solution fits into their customer's stories." Shannon said when asked about the importance of brand storytelling.

"Customers deserve to receive something they can use to help them along their journey and businesses need a way to guide potential customers to their checkout without standing in front of them with a sales presentation." Shannon answered when asked why she developed this new product. "With so much noise on social media and distractions online, a brand's story can become fractured and customers may find a competitor's solution. By having a product that removes those distractions and engages a customer using interactive worksheets and multimedia content, a customer can be guided to the right solution to their problem."

Each title is woven with worksheets to guide readers through the topic and help them to identify their real problem. The personalized option weaves the brand's story into the book and adds pages to show the reader how the brand's solution can help them fix their problem. To complete the ebook, Shannon interviews the person and writes their story while bringing in audio / visual content they already published online to support the title's topic. By crafting an ebook with interactive worksheets and multimedia features, MarketAPeel is giving professionals, experts, and small business owners a high quality tool to help them stand out from the crowd.

The initial white label ebooks titles are:

  • The Trustworthy Leader

  • What You Need to Know about SEO

  • Battle Depression and Win

  • Downsizing ebook and workbook

Plus a Tell Us A Topic to Write About Option, where you supply a topic you want an ebook about and Shannon creates it for you with 40 pages of white label content and an extra 16 pages of personal content if you purchase the personalization package for an ebook of 56 pages.

Each title is designed as a 9x6 sized ebook for publication for sale on ebookstores, like Amazon. The white label content consists of 40 pages of articles, worksheets, and infographics, which can be broken up to be used for multiple content pieces or as one PDF document that comes with the rights to sell it on ebookstore platforms.

Uses of the ebooks:

Brands have been using ebooks to increase their brand's authority, to build email lists, and to sell on ebookstores. "The ebooks I see out there being used by brands for opt-in email have little to no value for the person who has downloaded it because they are marketing and sales brochures." She wanted to provide brands with a tool to help their audiences to make a decision, improve, or transition from one place to another. "This is why almost all the books published by MarketAPeel have a workbook component, making the authors stand out as experts willing to help people and not just another marketing brochure disguised as an ebook." The MarketAPeel interactive multimedia ebooks come with a resale rights license enabling them to use the book as they need, including making a profit from selling the ebook on ebookstores, like Amazon.

The Attention Span of the Audience

"They" say we have the attention span of a goldfish, or less than a goldfish, but Shannon Peel disagrees. "We have the capacity to focus and pay attention for long periods of time. We've just become experts at making snap decisions and not second guessing ourselves when it comes to what we will pay attention to. Movies, video games, and the content online have trained our brains to choose highly engaging, fast, and interesting content to pay attention to. Most content fails at meeting the audiences need to relate and be entertained while being informed. Storytelling helps us to bridge the attention gap by drawing the audience in using techniques developed since humans started communicating with one another." There are different types of stories brands need to tell along the customer's journey to help them make a decision.

Businesses who understand their customer's journey will create accessible content along multiple platforms to ensure they are where their customers are and providing the information their customers need at that time in the journey. This results in a fractured brand story spread throughout the company's digital footprint, which may cause the customer to become confused or lost along the path. An ebook can help guide audiences by defining the customer's need, answering their questions, showcasing the solutions and offering up the opportunity to act all in one place, without the distraction of competing content like on social media.

MarketAPeel is a Brand Storytelling Agency and Digital Publisher in Vancouver, BC Canada Check out their white label interactive ebook titles today!

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