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Call for Speakers

APeeling Series

Marketing + Event + Podcast + Blog + Digital Book + Live Feed


We start by choosing a problem and go out looking for speakers who want to share their solutions with those looking to fix the problem in their lives, career, and business. 

To extend the value of the speaker's insights, we design a multimedia, interactive, digital book for future audiences seeking out solutions to their problems. 

The Series' Digital Book

Each Symposium has its own interactive, multimedia, digital book with all the speakers presentations. The book extends the life of your content to increase your brand's reach, authority, and credibility. You have to experience the book to fully understand it's impact. 

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CreateAPeel: Speaking as a Marketing Channel
CreateAPeel: Speaking as a Marketing Channel
Multiple Dates
Oct 19, 2023, 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM PDT

APeeling Topics

15 Speakers/ event

Brand Impact

Fall 2023

Answers the question:

"How to Have Impact as a Brand"


Small Business Owners

Professionals / Leaders

Coaches & Speakers


Your Health 

Fall 2023

Answers the question:

"How to Be Healthier"


People who value health

People who want to lose weight

People who want to change

11 spots left


Fall 2023

Answers the question:

"How to Be a Better Leader"



Business Owners 

Corporate leaders

12 spots left

More Topics Coming

Other topics to help people create an appealing life, business, or career will be created. 

Have a problem you solve and want to collaborate with others? Let me know and I'll add it to the list.

Want to be notified about topics of other Symposiums? 

Let me know where to send you a Call for Speakers Notification.

What Others Say

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Book a Quick Chat

Talk to Shanon about how the event is a longterm marketing channel 

The Multimedia Interactive Digital Book

Every presenter receives 1 page in the digital book

The book will show all presentations and any evergreen offers as it will continue to bring audiences to your message shared in the summit, long after it has ended.

The benefit for your brand goes far beyond the event as the content will be used to create an interactive, multimedia, digital ebook filled with solutions to a problem.

The eBook will be created and distributed to attendees after the event

and added to the BookAPeel store to sell. 

Promotional Partners

How To Rock the Stage Media logo.png

How to Rock the Stage will be promoting the event, interviewing platinum speakers, and providing all the speakers with coaching to help them stand out on the screen. 

Want to know how you can get more ideal audience eyeballs on your brand? 

MarketAPeel's promotional partners get in front of their ideal audience, make money, and get lots of 'extras' over and above being a presenter at the event.  

To get more information on how you can get more with MarketAPeel - book an appointment 

What Others Say About Shannon's Work

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