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Fundamentals are….. well, Fundamental​

by Val McCarty

Last month I had the privilege of attending a workshop by Kathi Wehage of Business Plans in Action on how to build a Mission and Vision and a powerful Elevator Pitch.

Kathi taught that “having a clear Vision of ‘WHY’ you are doing ‘WHAT’ you are doing anchors you with a solid foundation, and a clear Mission statement helps to move your business forward with clear markers.”1

She states: “I want to show you the steps for creating a solid foundation to build the rest of your business upon.”2 And she did just that! As participants we searched our souls and the cobwebbed corners of our mind to find the fundamentals. Hands-on exercises stretched our learning.

Overall a mission statement should clearly state a company’s objectives and means to meet those objectives. While a vision states a broader higher level futuristic company position. The company’s goals and values are reflected in both the mission statement and vision, which is why the two seem so similar.3 Kathi managed to clearly teach us the difference and use of each.

“So why do you need to write a vision & mission statement? You are declaring to the world your “WHY”, and “HOW” you will execute it.”4

These fundamental statements are the core of a business. That needs to be declared to employees and customers. Knowledge is power - transparency, truth, and openness spread the knowledge that empowers people and businesses to do better work together.