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The Computer Doctor is in the House

Small Business Feature

Meet Edward Lissack, he helps his clients with their business challenges, specifically, their tools like computer, tablets, smartphones, networks, and software with service, support, and training. We all know that when technology works, it’s great, however when it doesn’t, it’s good to know there is a Computer Doctor who can make a house call.

Where did you grow up and where do you live now?

I grew up in Toronto, Ontario and I currently live in Coquitlam BC. Canada

What is your top personal value, how do you define the value and can you share a story about how you exemplify that value in the world?

In one word, expansion. Expansion means to me having an open mind to explore and implement new things in my personal, professional, and spiritual life. I received spiritual guidance to expand to British Columbia back in June 2015 on a visit and felt a powerful vibration going through me with this message. I’ve always had a connection to British Columbia since 1987. I feel listening and acting on guidance can go a long way.

Welcome to BC. It does have a vibration and draw for many Canadians.

What do you do when you aren’t working? Can you share your interests, hobbies, and time wasters with RAYL.News readers?

I love 💗 going to volunteer most Sundays and some public holidays to Maple Ridge BCSPCA and interact with many fur babies big and small like dogs, cats, ferrets, Guinea pigs, rabbits, mice, hamsters, etc. I’m also interested in extraterrestrials 👽, dimensions, nature, sci fi, and nano technology.

What makes you unique, can you share a story most people don’t experience that you have?

During deep meditation, I’ve encountered an extraterrestrial 👽 grey being communication with energies, a beautiful white light being, shadow beings, etc through being open, aligned, and balanced.

That sounds like an interesting experience.

I’d like to focus on your business, what you’ve learned, and what you have to teach our RAYL.News readers and other Apptive Pro members.

What is your professional role?

I’m the owner and computer doctor assisting clients with their business challenges, specifically, their tools like computer, tablets, smartphones, networks, and software with service, support, and training.

What do you love about what you do and how you help others?

I love 💗 helping people connect to other people through referral connections which I’m very passionate as well helping clients with a variety of different service projects. Each day brings very interesting client requests. All requests are different ranging from computer startup issues, blank screen, system disk errors, registry errors, internet issues, windows errors, security protection issues, backup issues, printing/scanning issues, and computer performance concerns. Each challenge is met with focused questions, resolution, and satisfaction.

I always say technology – it’s great when it works but when it doesn’t – it sucks. Your clients are lucky to have someone they can call on when their tech goes down.

What is the number one goal you are trying to achieve in your professional life?

Increase our monthly subscription clients for our virtual computer health care plan

Now that we know what you do and how you help people, I want to dive into your experience database and access some advice to help people live a better life.

How do you start your mornings? Can you share your morning routine?

I meditate, do my morning stretching exercises, and begin my day.

Do you have a before story where life wasn’t so great? Can you share what life was like for you back then?

I had relationship and life challenges until I met my life coach therapist Jens who helped me understand and open doors to explore and expand new things

It’s always helpful to have someone who can help us to see opportunities we are blind to. Trying new things sounds like a wonderful way to become open to new opportunity.

What was the catalyst that happened to inspire you to want a better life?

Well, my mum admitted the things that were done to me was not an excuse and she didn’t know other better ways. This opened the gateway to experience and feel energies from many sources

As a mum myself, I can tell you that all we can do is our best and then let you go to figure out how to do it better.

Who helped you to create the life you have today?

My parents, life coach, close relatives, and a couple of close friends

What things did you try doing that didn’t help you create a better life?

I used to have challenges maintaining close relationships with friends and relatives

I still do, so you are doing better than I am if you are making the effort to reach out and maintain those relationships. It takes a conscious effort to make those calls and courage to be vulnerable enough to share your life with them through conversation.

What thing helped you to change and create a better life?

Well, I would say expansion to BC where the energies from many sources are much lighter, open, and better for my well-being and found challenges are managed better

BC does have that effect on people.

Many people are where you were, what do you think they need to know to inspire them to keep going?

Feel your energetic environment, what things are you holding on to that no longer serves, and release to focus on you

That is harder than you make it sound. Changing our internal stories so we can heal is difficult because you are right, we must be able to let go of the past pain we carry.

Do you have a goal or vision for your life that you can share with RAYL.News readers?

I find my consciousness is slowly shifting from 3rd dimension to other higher dimensions in harmony

Are you looking for something or someone who can help you get to the next level in your life?

I’m always exploring to make new discoveries

That is a great attitude to have, especially if you want to be open to new opportunities.

Thank you, Edward Lissack, for taking the time to talk with me today. If your computer is sick and in need of a check-up, give the Computer Doctor a call. For more information about Edward and his services, go to


Shannon Peel is a brand storyteller, digital magazine publisher, and content creator.

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