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Guided DIY Branding Strategy

Don't know where to start when it comes to creating content to tell your brand story? 

Feeling overwhelmed by the sheer enormity of telling your brand story online? You aren't alone many people don't do anything because they are unsure about what to do or they've given up because there were no results to their brand storytelling efforts. When it comes to content marketing or brand storytelling people are so inundated with content they don't know where to start. This is why I created a program to help people like you build a strong foundation for your content marketing campaigns and build your brand one story at a time. 

How the MarketAPeel DIY Branding Strategy Works


Recorded BrandAPeel Show episodes show you how to do tasks and use tools


Step-by-step tasks to guide you through the process and ensure you putting all the pieces together to tell a larger story.


Emails with content to use and list of what to do that week to ensure you connect with your audiences and connect the pieces of your digital footprint.


Community to engage with others, find support, brainstorm, and grow your brand story by helping each other out. 

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to Build your Digital Footprint

Example: The first step of DIY SEO

Ready to get found on Google?


More site visitors means more opportunities to make sales and grow your community. There are good and bad ways to make this happen.


“White Hat SEO” tries to get real people to visit a site, while “Black Hat SEO” finds loopholes to trick search engines into ranking the site higher. We’ll focus on White Hat SEO, since this gets you more long-term results.

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The first task is to figure out where your website's health sits.


You will need to analyze your website to see what the Search Engines see and how people are finding you. Go to Ubersuggest and do a site audit of your Domain.



When you run a report on your site using ubersuggest you will discover


  1. Which keywords your site ranks for

  2. SEO errors on your site

  3. Backlinks you currently have


These three things will tell you a story about what brand story you are telling people on your website. Make notes about what surprises you and what is not in line with your brand story.


Other resources


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