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Meet Alex Yates, a Luxury Travel Advisor

The Brand Story of a Traveller

Meet Alex Yates, a Luxury Travel Advisor providing customised travel packages and services to Clients around the world. She specialises in Groups, travel for people with extra support needs, Culinary and Wine tours. If you want to travel and need some extra help or support to get around or find the right spot for you, connect with her at

Where did you grow up

Bouncing around Kenya, Uganda,Botswana, and Nigeria. Educated in England

Where do you live now?

Victoria, Canada

What is your top personal value, how do you define the value, and can you share a story about how you exemplify that value in the world?

My top value is Teamwork. I believe anything is possible to a team who share the same goals and beliefs. I organised a group of 42 who are all Independent Travel Advisors to support and uplift and partner with each other (which for us in the Travel Industry, during the Pandemic, has been crucial for our mental health as well as forging strong partnerships and learning together.

What do you do when you aren’t working? Can you share your interests, hobbies, and time wasters with readers?

I am the proud Mom of 33-year-old twins, one of whom lives with disabilities, so a lot of my life had been around advocating! I’m still on a number of non-profit boards! I use cooking as a hobby, and recently got into the world of fine wine, looking to create a group trip to France this year focused on wine and food! My major Time waster is scrolling through Facebook! I am a Course Supervisor for Landmark Worldwide, but currently I’m on Medical leave.

What makes you unique, can you share a story most people don’t experience that you have?

When we lived in Africa, my mother worked for a well-known Professor of Veterinarian Studies, and he was the inventor of the First safe Wild animal anesthetic dart program. My Mom would bring my brother and I to work, and we were allowed to take rides on giant Tortoises

and play with lion cubs and baby monkeys!

Growing up in Africa sounds like quite the adventure.

What is your professional role?

I am a Luxury Travel Advisor providing customised travel packages and services to my clients around the world. I also specialise in Groups, travel for people with extra support needs and Culinary and Wine tours.

What do you love about what you do and how you help others?

What I love is that every day is different! I get to travel the world through my clients’ experiences! In the pandemic, I have been spending my time assisting clients with getting refunds, and managing their disappointment, it’s been hard! But I am a master of the art of bringing places alive for people, I’m a storyteller and a dream weaver.

As a fellow storyteller, I appreciate the skill in others when helping me make a decision.

What is the number one goal you are trying to achieve in your professional life?

Creating a reliable and steady stream of clients who appreciate what I do and trust me.

How to Live a Better Life

Now that we know what you do and how you help people, I want to dive into your experience database and access some advice to help people live a better life.

How do you start your mornings? Can you share your morning routine?

I have mastered the art of managing my electronic calendar, and every night before I go to sleep, I look at my calendar, so I am prepared for the day ahead. It’s a Game changer! I’m also always looking to up my game of Integrity, and pride myself on being on time for appointments.

Do you have a before story where life wasn’t so great? Can you share what life was like for you back then?

When I was single parenting my twin boys and dealing with the stress of that, plus my sons ongoing medical issues, plus my Mother had terminal Cancer , I discovered the gift of community . Everything is easier to bear when you share and support each other.

What was the catalyst that happened to inspire you to want a better life?

Becoming a single parent when my boys were 5 months old, made it clear that I had to develop skills to make sure my income could meet my families’ requirements. I also realised that I couldn’t count on a regular 9-5 job as an employee because my son’s needs were high and there was a lot of time spent in hospitals. I realised I couldn’t count on the cavalry coming in to rescue me! Since then, I have been self-employed, first as a foster parent, then as a Travel Advisor.

Wow. There is a lot to learn from someone how goes through struggles and figures out how to make things work. I’m sure you have lots of wise advise for others who find themselves in a similar situation.

Who helped you to create the life you have today?

My Amazing Husband, Jim who came into my life when my sons were 9. He is my cheering section, my backbone, and my best friend. I also was supported to do the Landmark Forum (and subsequently the whole Landmark curriculum) and discovered how to put the past in the past and create my future.

He sounds like a gift. Doing the hard work to shift from looking backwards to looking forwards is difficult and many people spend a lot of time stuck in the between space. It takes strength to move forward.

What things did you try doing that didn’t help you create a better life?

I tried relying on others, that didn’t work, then I tried being a Lone Ranger and discovered that sitting in my own head isn’t a healthy thing to do and causes me to break my word and get disempowered very quickly!

What thing helped you to change and create a better life?

I have discovered that only by helping, supporting, and sharing myself, being of service to others and keeping my word, do I grow as a person.

All very good qualities in a person.

Many people are where you were, what do you think they need to know to inspire them to keep going?

Dear Friend, I know times are tough and sometimes it looks like you can’t ever get ahead, this is all I can say that might help. Don’t give up on your dreams and your values. Keep your word, if you say you will do something, move mountains to make it happen, people will develop a trust in you, and you will build a trust in yourself! Find a Tribe! Find like-minded people, find a mentor and be willing to listen to what people suggest, but make it your own. You know your truth.

Mentorship is important and finding one can be hard. I’m glad you have found the support and people to help you move forward in life.

Do you have a goal or vision for your life that you can share?

My goal is to travel 1/4 of the year, and to help others fulfil on their “wanderlust” 3/4 of the year.

OK – that sounds like a cool goal to have.

Are you looking for something or someone who can help you get to the next level in your life?

I’m struggling with making online technology work for me! I would love support!

I’m here to help – Check out my Guided DIY programs, which give you step by step instructions to build out your digital footprint and tell your brand story.

Thank you, Alex Yates, for taking the time to talk with me today. If you are interested in taking a trip, check out the opportunities Alex has for you at,


Shannon Peel is a storyteller, digital magazine publisher, content creator, and publicist for business leaders who want to build a strong personal brand.

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