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Brand Story of Darin Tuttle

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

Is learning new things a hobby?

Asks Darin Tuttle Founder and Chief Investment Officer Tuttle Ventures LLC

Where do you reside currently?

Corona, California -- it's Spanish for "Crown in Southern California

What do you do?

Investment Management - Financial Services Industry

I am the Founder and Chief Investment Officer of Tuttle Ventures. I am primarily responsible for creating and managing investment allocations for private clients. I also act as an "advisor to advisors" and help other successful wealth advisors who desire to take their practices to the next level or maybe not as comfortable managing the day-to-day needs of a investment portfolio.

What is your top personal value?

Focus on Rare Skills. Most People focus on in-demand skills, instead, focus on Rare Skills. Rare skills are a combo of multiple skill-sets that mix into a super-power. For example I am a CFA, Chartered Financial Analyst, and a former Analyst at Goldman Sachs. The CFA is a highly regarded professional designation in the financial industry, only about 13% of people who start actually complete all 3 levels of the exam. I am a portfolio manager who also: • Understands leadership • Is a public speaker • Is a strong writer • Has a working knowledge of the operations behind capital markets. (securities lending and electronic trading networks).

What do you do when you aren't working?

Is “learning new things” a hobby?

I enjoy sprinting up very steep learning curves as fast as I can: Data Storytelling using tools like #PowerBI Understanding how Google works with #SEO Playing Chess for fun. These are two disciples that I’ve really worked to develop and learn over the past 3 years. It has been very rewarding for a curious person like me. Easy to start, difficult to master. I think it is also why I like #chess The greats make it look so easy. Enjoying the journey with the help of @_EnterpriseDNA I have been able to build enterprise KPI dashboards. I created a complete real-time overview of an RIA practice in a single snapshot from all its data sources (SAP, Dynamics 365, Task Manager, SharePoint) straight to teams + iPhone app. Under @bill_slawski guidance I’ve been able to build up a long term #SEO strategy that creates a passive income Not taking shortcuts, I’ve taken the time to establish: Organic backlinks, robust knowledge graphs, 5 websites from scratch I even built a podcast API with the help of @fins0905

I overcame my fears and started seriously training in #chess for fun on @lichess

What makes you unique?

I'm willing to run to where a problem is, outwork The Room, and build up a community where I give more than I ask. I have a white-collar job, but I have a blue-collar work ethic. Whether it's your business, or a 9-5, hard work gets you the reward: • Work on the right thing • Be smart about it • Outwork others When I was working at Goldman there was this system that all of the other analysts hating using and didn't know much about. The software had constant issues coming up for the traders on the floor. I took it upon myself to become the subject matter expert. Going home and reading the 300 page operations manual. In 3 months I was the go to person and was in-demand from all of the traders because I learned how to fix there problems. Other banks started calling asking me questions about how I could help them. When one analyst at another bank found out that I was 25 he was amazed, because he thought that I was some Managing Director or something with how helpful and knowledgeable I was about the system.

What do you love about what you do and how do you help others?

I love learning and I love teaching people. Advising and helping people meet their goals is a very rewarding industry because you will become wealthy by learning from wealthy people.Get in the right rooms.You will become wealthy when your friends or clients are focused on improving themselves. Build the right circle because you are who you surround yourself with.

What is the number one goal you are trying to achieve in your professional life?

I am on a mission to invest so you can enjoy the rest.

How do you assess an idea, risk, or opportunity to ensure it is the right one for you?

Risk is all about understanding your tradeoffs and probabilities. Portfolio Management is first and foremost a risk management business. It's my goal to identifies high probability investments to maximize your investment upside potential. Spend less than you're making and invest: • as soon as you can • as much as you can • as consistently as you can

From his Website

We are on a mission to invest so you can enjoy the rest. As the Owner and Chief Investment Officer of Tuttle Ventures, Darin Tuttle leads the Southern California based investment management firm. We are all about making sure YOU have the time for what matters most in life. Diversification is not what it used to be. Accelerated events to the downside are not unique. Current events have shown that investors might need to take a unique approach to gain real diversification in extreme events.

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