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Excerpt from Death by BS

Updated: Dec 5, 2022

By Likky Lavji - As seen in APeeling in May

This book is for those who repeatedly come up against the same issue over and over, which impedes their ability to succeed. It will come as no surprise that the way you be­have around others has a direct impact on how people react to you. What may come as a surprise is that others see you differently than you see yourself based on how you interact with them.

You may think you are a “happy” person however your neighbour would describe you as grumpy. You might believe you are generous to a fault, but your wife tells her best friend that you are stingy with your resources, gifts, love, or a num­ber of other things in your re­lationship. You could describe yourself as easy going and your co-workers consider you demanding and exacting. This disconnect between how you perceive yourself and the reality of how others see you is called the blind spot effect. Because of blind spots in your life, you do not realize you are doing certain things and behaving in particular ways.

“You Are Not Alone”

Before becoming the Blind Spot Navigator, I owned a small IT company called Matrix. Over

ten years I built a profitable business where I was a one-man show doing everything to take care of a strong client base. After ten years of growth, the company was maxed out in billable hours because I only had so much bandwidth. In an effort to take the business to the next level, I decided to bring on people smarter than me to help the business grow.

During my journey to take it to the next level, I came up against the same limitations over and over again. The re­sults were frustrating, the prob­lems were time consuming, and the overhead was expensive. I couldn’t see why my efforts to grow kept failing to produce the desired results. I was un­aware of how my behaviour was affecting others. My be­haviours, beliefs and attitudes were causing my partners and employees to become unmoti­vated and leave the company. My business became a revolv­ing door, and I could not un­derstand why.

In this book, I will share my journey at Matrix; where I failed, where I succeeded and

what I learned about myself. In the process, you will discover blind spots and how they get in the way of your success. You will also learn how to overcome your own blind spots in your day-to-day life.

Pyramid of Results

The purpose of writing this book is to help you achieve success by focusing on re­sults-based actions. Leaders who are results- oriented have a clear understanding of what they want, but their blind spots can get in the way of achieving that result. By interconnecting blind spot identification with results-based leadership, teams are better able to achieve their common objectives and move the whole organization forward.

At the core of this book is the foundation for any team who wants to achieve results – Trust. Through identifying the blind spots around trust, conflict, in­tegrity and accountability, you will be able to lead a team to the results you want through the use of trust.

When teams trust each-other

they are open to voicing ideas, supporting each other, collab­orating, and working towards common objectives. Trust is the key to productive teams.

More than a Book

Death by B.S, is more than a book to read, it will challenge you to think about your own blind spots and how you can move beyond them to find the success that eludes you.

Visit to download the workbook which accom­panies the Kindle Version. It is filled with questions to help you identify your blind spots and find the solutions you will need to change and realign your life to gain the success you desire.

The Blind Spot Assessment

On my website, there is a free assessment to help you identify which blind spots may be lurking outside of your peripheral vision. You will be provided with a report identifying your strengths, your work style, and the behaviours that others see, but you may not presently see in yourself. I encourage you to take a mo­ment to take the assessment and read the report unique to your work style.


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