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Communicating with your Opposite

Updated: Dec 5, 2022

By Likky Lavji - As seen in the Free Digital Magazine APeeling in February

Imagine Sheldon from “The Big Bang Theory” and Tobias Funke from “Arrested Development” running a business together. How do you think it would go?

They probably wouldn’t hear what either one said and would get extremely frustrated with each other’s ideas and work style. Sheldon would explain all the reasons why his idea was the superior one and Tobias would go do what he wanted while getting the team onboard with his crazy stunts.

Could these two types of people ever communicate and work well with each other? It would take a herculean effort on both sides of this match up, however, it is possible.

The Motivator POV

The Motivator makes friends easily and wants everyone to succeed, they just don’t always follow through on their ideas. By taking a moment to ask the analyzer for their input, (just don’t zone out when they give all the reasons their idea will work,) the Motivator will discover well thought out ways to get stuff done. The analyzer will keep the Motivator accountable and on task to see the project through to completion. Admit it, that would be beneficial.

The Motivator’s intuitive nature will come in handy for this mission impossible, if they choose to accept it.

By understanding the Analyzer has a need to be right and for the job to be done right, the Motivator can easily make this relationship work.

Acknowledge the Analyzer’s need to be right and use their Motivator ability to convince them to get onboard with the rest of the team. A Motivator can help the Analyzer define more realistic expectations, feel included in the group, and feel appreciated for what they bring to the table.

Motivators have the optimistic attitude to succeed, however it will take patience as the Analyzer is quite stubborn.

The Analyzer’s POV

The Analyzer will want projects to be done the right way and they have high expectations of themselves to get things right the first time.

They expect everyone else on the team to be perfect too and tend to get bogged down in the details, which cause delays in getting the project off the ground. By talking to the Motivator, the Analyzer can see the bigger picture and find ways to get started without needing every little detail in place. The Motivator will keep the Analyzer moving forward and excited about the project.

The Analyzer’s ability to keep everyone accountable will come in handy for this mission impossible, if you choose to accept it.

By understanding that the Motivator needs to feel excited in order to be interested in a project, the Analyzer can find information and ideas to keep them engaged. When talking to a Motivator, do an Anyalyzer needs to do their best to skip over details and get to the point by focusing on the end result more than how the team will get there.

Talk about the next steps, the big picture, and the result to keep the Motivator’s attention while making the next steps clear to everyone.

Don’t overload Motivators with tasks and details, they’ll get lost and then they’re off on another adventure.

If you want to talk about the details of the project and everything you know about the topic, find the controller or stabilizer to talk to, they will be interested in what you have to say.

With the Motivator’s natural ability to motivate the team to get started on a project and the Analyzer’s natural ability to see the project through to completion, these two can make for a great team. They just need to learn how to communicate.

Learn more about the different personalities and take the BS assessment to know your own communication style.


Likky Lavji is the Blind Spot Navigator. He helps corporations form cohesive teams by improving their understanding of blind spots and how to communicate with each other.

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