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An Introvert on LinkedIn

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

By Gina Greenlee (As seen in the May issue of the APeeling Digital Magazine)

“I enjoyed myself more than ever because I was catering to a natural strength of one-on-one engagement.”

In 2007, I helmed website development for a financial services company. We were at the beginning of social media, what we then called “Web 2.0.” The interactive playground was just starting to come into its own. LinkedIn, in particular, was only five years old.

Resistant was the senior vice president of the corporate communications department where I worked at the time. She was in her 60s and had made her professional bones in print media. Our department of 20, all on social media learning curve, encouraged her to join LinkedIn. After much grousing she did. In an email to our team she wrote: “I joined. NOW, to what end?!!!!”

Ten to 18 years after