Creating MarketAPeel

for Your Brand

We Create Content to Tell Brand Stories.

The MarketAPeel System is a full service process created by Shannon Peel based on her years of experience in sales, marketing, advertising, storytelling, and writing. By bringing together the lessons learned in promoting companies, telling stories, and selling services, Shannon has created a comprehensive method to develop a strategy where all actions build on each other to tell a brand story, sell the product or service, and manage customer expectations to improve the overall customer experience. 

Content Creation Services

Discovery, brainstorm, and planning services to help companies and individuals create a roadmap to tell their story effectively.

Website design with content creation to inform visitors about a company or individual's story. 


Graphic design to create marketing materials like brochures, presentations, media kits, flyers, and pitch decks to tell a story clearly with visual cues.

Social media management and content creation to tell a story properly on social media by engaging the audience and developing relationships with followers.


Copywriting, blog writing, ad copy, and ghostwriting services to tell a story with your voice and personality.

Photography and videography to tell a story with personal images. Also, we can create animated explainer videos to help audiences understand difficult concepts.