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Meet Alan Raisman, a Beachbody Coach

Updated: Jan 29, 2022

Meet Alan Raisman, a Beachbody Coach who shows you that working out doesn't have to mean something your body can't handle. Working out can be fun! He started with Beachbody's country line dancing program, County Heat, in November 2017 and has completed ten Beachbody programs, including Beachbody's dancing, boxing, running and lifting workouts. Visit his site at thefunofworkingout

Where did you grow up?

I grew up outside Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Where do you live now?

I live in the Lehigh Valley, an hour and a half from Philadelphia.

What is your top personal value, how do you define the value, and can you share a story about how you exemplify that value in the world?

My personal value is consistency. If you have a goal, be consistent to not only make that goal but keep that goal. I became a Beachbody coach to make sure that I do the Beachbody workouts that I started back in November 2017. After I first started, I took six months off. How would I get back on the saddle? I became a coach because if I must motivate my team, I have to motivate myself. Now I'm consistent for them and consistent for me.

Knowing what your team is going through makes it easier to be a leader and motivate them by sharing how you are overcoming the same struggles.

What do you do when you aren’t working? Can you share your interests, hobbies, and time wasters with readers?

My favourite hobby is photography. I started photography because I didn't like the person I was in front of the camera. I was a chubby kid. So I started photography to capture the world around me instead of myself in front of the world. Now I capture pictures of my nephew and niece, my pets and my trips. My second favourite hobby is country line dancing. My friend introduced my to country line dancing in Philadelphia, and I've been going for more than six years. I also do Beachbody's country line dancing program on my TV when I want a fun workout. Dancing is so fun and a great workout. My third favourite hobby is cruising. My partner and I take 2-3 cruises a year. A cruise ship has everything: food, entertainment, activities, gym, pool and more. Before I did Beachbody, on a cruise ship, I either did crunches or planks. But Beachbody came out with a running program, and I started to become a runner. I was up to day 17 of 30 Day Breakaway by the first day of our cruise in 2021. I ran 1.72 miles on a cruise ship. I was impressed!

What makes you unique, can you share a story most people don’t experience that you have?

I came out to my family in 2013, and I came out to Facebook after meeting my boyfriend in 2017. After I became a Beachbody coach, I wanted to create a better community for the LGBTQ community. I started the first Facebook group for Beachbody's LGBTQ communities, and I lead a business networking group called LGBTQ Supportive Businesspeople on Happy Neighbourhood Project.

Even in today’s world, coming out must take a lot of courage. As a community leader I am certain you have helped others who are trying to tell their personal stories. Creating a community where others can come, feel safe, and find connection is the core of creating a strong brand.

What is your professional role?

I am an Independent Beachbody Coach who motivates those who do Beachbody workouts like I do. Beachbody is a Network Marketing company. There are over 400,000 Beachbody coaches in the world, but before 2020, a Facebook group for the gay Beachbody and LGBTQ Beachbody communities didn't exist. I don't care if you are on my team or not. If you are a part of the LGBTQ community, join us. You will motivate us, and we will motivate you. And if you don't know what Beachbody is, I created a website where you can try six sample workouts of Beachbody out for free.

What do you love about what you do and how you help others?

I don't love working out. But I love showing people that if I can do it, you can too. I never knew what to do at the gym. That is why I started following the videos. And if you follow the videos, my Facebook groups will you that others follow the videos too. We are a community of support for each other.

Working out is not for me either. Finding something you enjoy doing makes it easier and having a community to support and motivate each other is the key to success.

What is the number one goal you are trying to achieve in your professional life?

My goal is to not lose the progress I've gained since starting Beachbody.

I believe you will accomplish that goal with the help of your community.

How to Live a Better Life

Now that we know what you do and how you help people, I want to dive into your experience database and access some advice to help people live a better life.

How do you start your mornings? Can you share your morning routine?

My morning routine consists of taking a shirtless picture every morning on Snapchat after I show to see my progress every day. That allows me to see my progress from program to program, month to month and year to year.

Do you have a before story where life wasn’t so great? Can you share what life was like for you back then?

My weight always fluctuated. I gained weight in college. I lost the weight a year after I graduated. I gained weight again in 2015. I lost the weight after I realised how unhappy I was with the path I was on. I started an Instagram account to post videos of me doing Beachbody to make sure that I don't ever stop a routine again. If I have a social media presence, I need to keep pressing play to create new content for that channel. Those videos are the same as I post on the Facebook groups I run. I am no longer pressing play to get in better shape. I press play to not lose the progress I've gained.

What was the catalyst that happened to inspire you to want a better life?

I took a selfie with my nephew and was not happy with person I saw in the picture. He was getting bigger, as was my niece, and I wanted to be able to lift them up. I wanted to be able to run around the park with them.

I hate photos of myself, there are very few out there. My kids and parents are always at me to stop working so much and to start exercising so I’ll live longer. I probably should start listening to them.

Who helped you to create the life you have today?

When I created my Facebook groups, I invited my team and anyone in the LGBTQ communities to join. They were customers and coaches, both on and off my team. They keep me accountable. They keep me motivated. And I hope I do the same for them.

What things did you try doing that didn’t help you create a better life?

Back in 2013, I created a New Year's resolution to do 500 crunches a day. I did four sets of 125, and I did them every day for 365 days. After December 31, I stopped. My resolution was over. I then gained weight. In 2015, I found myself gaining weight again, and that is when I saw the photo of my nephew and me. I knew I could do crunches again, but I was weak. I never lifted anything. I met my boyfriend on October 30, 2017, and he introduced me to Beachbody. The rest was history.

I’m impressed you did it for a year. That shows you have the ability to commit to your goals, just don’t put an end date on it.

What thing helped you to change and create a better life?

Beachbody keeps coming out with new programs. When I started Beachbody in November 2017, they had dancing and lifting programs only. In 2019, they came out with Morning Meltdown which featured Fight Club which had elements of boxing and kickboxing. In 2020, they came out with 10Rounds which was a boxing and lifting program. In 2021, they came out with 30 Day Breakaway which was a running program. As each program comes out, it allows me to see what my body can do.

Many people are where you were, what do you think they need to know to inspire them to keep going?

Were you afraid to go to the gym? Did you not know what to do with all of the equipment? That was me. I was introduced to Beachbody in November 2017, and I follow the videos. They offer 80 programs, and I dance, box, lift and do cardio workouts in my basement. I no longer ask what to do at the gym. I ask myself what kind of workout I want to do.

Do you have a goal or vision for your life that you can share?

My vision for myself is to never see the former version of myself. My goal is to make sure I keep pressing play and never take a break again.

Sounds like you will accomplish your vision for your future.

Are you looking for something or someone who can help you get to the next level in your life?

I am excited to see what Beachbody comes out with next, and I look forward to trying the older programs to see if my body can handle Insanity, P90x

I’m here to help small business owners and professionals build their brand stories and digital footprints – Check out my Guided DIY programs, which give you step by step instructions to build out your digital footprint and tell your brand story.

Thank you, Alan, for taking the time to answer these questions and tell me and the MarketAPeel readers about yourself. If you are looking to get your body moving and you want a F U N way to exercise, check out Alan’s Beachbody program at


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