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Leading By Example

Updated: Jul 11, 2020

As seen in the APeeling Magazine September 2019

A Review of Six Degrees of Impact

"Prepare to Break Some Glass."

"Most will agree that traditional business models have been built on a hierarchy of systems and titles. These vertical structures place responsibility at the top and cast long shadows of confusion on the subjects below. To achieve the speed and competitive edge necessary to respond to changes in any business market, we must replace glass ceilings with glass floors providing a total perspective on our surroundings."

This is how the book Six Degrees of Impact by Anthony C. Gruppo Sr and Monique ter Haar starts. From there on it is filled with real advice to help leaders see how to lead from a different point of view. Their minimalist style means there is no distracting fluff and almost every sentence is a great quote on it's own. It is designed with short thought provoking chapters / sections that enable a reader to quickly digest an idea and move on with their day until they have another 5 - 10 minutes to read the next idea. So, you could read a chapter before driving on your daily commute and by the time you got to work, you'd have a new idea about how you can lead your team better.

Use the Six Degrees of Impact to break your vertical corporate glass and stand on a horizontal platform, giving you a 360 degree perspective on opportunity.

What the Reviewers Say

Linda H says, "Following this author's 6 Degrees method, you will feel empowered to break the corporate glass ceiling which has all too often suffocated a business. The intent of this book is not to give all the details of process but rather to inspire your own thoughts and prioritize your focus to manage your future. I could relate to so many examples in this book. "

Sarah wrote, "An amazing book full of insight, knowledge, inspiration and motivation that you can apply to countless circumstances in life, relationships and business. Each chapter so useful, eye opening and life changing. Practical, easy to understand advice on becoming the best person and leader that you can be. I firmly believe that if you apply the Six Degrees to your world you will reach a whole new, exciting and enriching level."

Joseph Ferber adds, "The six degrees enables individuals to approach sales from a holistic and consultative perspective. If you're interested in learning how to align your proposition with a prospective clients best interests, the 6 degrees is a must read."

Kevin Larkin recommends the book in his review, "Six Degrees of Impact sets the stage to build on personal and professional strengths. By focusing on six impactful areas discussed in this book;I am more confident in my ability to achieve my goals, as well as to help others do the same."

Anthony C. Gruppo Sr.

I've had some conversations with Mr. Gruppo and am impressed with his value system and integrity. I have heard him thank a team member with sincere appreciation and genuine pride in their work. He continually has glowing things to say about the people who work for him at Marsh & McLennan in New York, giving them credit while remaining humble himself. He truly does lead from a glass floor point of view, enabling others to shine and grow within their teams.

From the book's about the authors: "Anthony C. Gruppo, the founder of Lehr Management Corporation and the Lehr Institute, leads a national marketing, consulting, and organizational development firm. He is considered futuristic, and is highly sought-after as a keynote speaker in national and international arenas. Anthony's visionary and innovative strategies have enabled clients to look beyond their own survival to building a success for their customers. Anthony designed and published The Infranet Model, a managed care workbook and seminar series, which has provided children's residential programs with the framework to prepare for entry into new markets. Anthony's first book, Creating Reality - A Guide to Personal Accomplishment, has become the handbook for many organizations on teaching employees to think like owners. He also co-authored Under Construction with Nick Bollettieri, world famous tennis coach, which combines the world of sports and business to develop your ultimate personal and professional game. Anthony C. Gruppo on LinkedIn

Monique ter Haar

From the book's about the authors page: Monique ter Haar, of Lehr Management Corporation and the Lehr Institute, has a diverse background in organizational development, business, psychology, and anthropology. Described by many as a corporate clinician, she has provided consulting services that range from building creative mentoring programs for national networks to designing management models for multinational corporations. Her broad range of experience provides practical perspectives that look past just managing change to building custom made platforms for future growth. Monique focuses her efforts on designing interventions for non-profit and for-profit organizations, which facilitate parallel growth and total integration, resulting in speed of operations and competitive edge.

My Opinion

I love how the book is laid out with short easy to read chapters focusing on one idea to ponder about. You can quickly read a chapter before leaving the house and think about how you can implement it while on your way into the office. The stories in the book portray important values everyone, not just leaders, need to be successful and get along with others. By the time you have finished the book you will have a new plan of action to help you achieve your leadership goals and an understanding that leadership comes from a different place and not the top of a pyramid.

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