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Define Your Personal Brand Story

Updated: Jan 15, 2022

As seen in APeeling in Summer 2020

How often have you heard, you need a personal brand?

Whether you are trying to secure a new position, build a book of business, or become known as an ‘expert,’ a personal brand is a requirement. Employers are doing their due diligence and searching Online to find out if they will make someone an offer because they are covering their own butts when making a decision. I’m sure you have heard stories about people who either didn’t get a position because a potential employer checked out their Online footprint or someone was fired because of a social media post.

Throughout time people have judged each other, spread rumours, and ruined reputations. Today, it is easy for others to spread gossip and for us to ruin our own reputations with the wrong post, however at the same time, it is easier for us to protect our reputations from slander by creating a strong personal brand with engaged followers who will champion and protect us. It enables us to login and respond to questions, give gratitude to positive messages, and round out negative messages with our side of the story.