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Custom Digital Magazines

Does the Market Know
How You Solve Their Problem? 

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Does YOUR Brand need a Custom Digital Magazine

Does YOUR audience ASK, "What is it that you do?" 

Is your message getting LOST on social media?

Do YOU struggle with CONTENT ideas?

If you said YES - A custom digital magazine for your brand will help you guide your ideal audience through their customer buying journey to your solution to their problem. MarketAPeel's interactive multimedia magazines enable you to personalize your reader's experience by giving them options to move through your brand story and answer the questions most important to their problem.  Digital magazine creation is one of the services MarketAPeel offers businesses and thought leaders to help them get noticed in the marketplace.

Clarify YOUR message and guide YOUR audience through YOUR brand story.

Digital magazine creation examples

Why Brands need
a Customized
Digital Magazine

When we talked with business owners, professionals, and consumers many told us that people didn't understand what they were selling or the service they provided, even though they were telling their brand stories on social media and blogs. Our customized digital magazines for brands gathers the pieces of the brand story from across the Internet and brings it together to tell a clear and concise brand story by guiding the reader with flip book technology. 

Here are a few reasons a brand needs a personalized digital magazine:

  • To pull together their fractured brand story from across the Internet

  • To guide people through their story to understand why YOU are the best choice

  • To showcase their listings and guide people through the story of YOUR products / services

  • To connect with YOUR audiences by sharing community news YOUR audience will engage with

  • To have content to post on social media, blogs, and YOUR website

  • To gain credibility in the marketplace

  • To use it to open doors to leads by offering to interview them for an issue

Would YOUR BRAND benefit from its own Private Label Magazine?

MarketAPeel publishes interactive multimedia digital magazines for brands to connect with their employees, customers, and Marketplace using flipbook technology and a multimedia design. We create customized brand magazines for Realtors®, Coaches, Influencers, Thought Leaders, Speakers, and any business who wants a unique marketing publication to tell their brand story.

MarketAPeel's branded magazines enable your audience to personalize their customer journey through your brand story using interactive multimedia features. 

Click for digital magazine examples in the newsstand

Why Brands want a MarketAPeel Digital Magazine

Shannon Peel, the Creative Entrepreneurial Owner of MarketAPeel, brings her skill set and knowledge together to create brand stories and offer a full service package, everything from concept to publishing for her clients. 

  • As a novelist, Shannon Peel understands how to structure a story.

  • As a marketing professional, Shannon Peel knows the consumers decision making process

  • As a sales professional, Shannon Peel has learned the importance of a funnel process

  • As a graphic designer, Shannon Peel is able to design for digital devices so people can engage with the media

We write the articles, source photography, and search out the brand's content spread out over the web to create the story and then we design the layout and upload the magazine to be published online using multimedia features. 

Whether you want a customized digital magazine or a private label magazine, MarketAPeel works with you to design a digital magazine for the way your audience interacts with their digital devices, which is different than printed. 

Want a personalized or customized print magazine? 

Talk with Shannon Peel about your unique needs and how she can design your printed magazine to utilize digital features to personalize the experience for your audience. 

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