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The MarketAPeel Designed Custom Digital Magazine


MarketAPeel designs and publishes digital monthly magazine customized to tell your brand story to your ideal audience. Our publications are interactive, multimedia digital magazine designed for digital device readability and an improved experience for the reader. This is NOT a print magazine made digital, it is a digital magazine designed for the digital experience. A print version can be designed specifically for the print experience.  We utilize flipbook technology to provide a different experience for readers. Publish using multi-media features, allowing the reader to choose their preferred method of experiencing your brand story.

Each issue has the following features available to tell the brand story:

  1. Targeted audience articles and general interest articles.

  2. Downloadable PDFs for feature sheets, checklists, planning

  3. Video either on the page or as a pop up for extra information

  4. Voice over audio to provide more information or guide the reader

  5. Podcast player to listen while flipping through the book or download

  6. Quizzes, surveys, polls, and puzzles to engage the reader

  7. Comments, ratings, and other interactive features available

  8. Lead generation form to increase subscriptions

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