Are You Feeling Lost in the Digital Crowd?

Lean Away from the Crowd 


Go Where People Go and few Businesses do...

A Product Designed to Appeal to Local Audiences

The APeeling Magazine is Expanding from the Virtual World into the Real One

By targeting areas of 10 000 homes and businesses at a time MarketAPeel is able to:

Keep the price of advertising down for business owners

Create issues of the APeeling Magazine customized for each area based on demographics

Enable businesses to target the neighbourhoods they want to target

Add unique neighbourhood content to appeal homeowners and business owners


But Print is Dead... Isn't it?

Print is dead, right? Bad print is dead.  

The APeeling magazine issues being sent to neighbourhoods will be designed to appeal to the homeowners and businesses because the content is valuable to them. A larger quality product will have a higher perceived value than a flyer and people will engage with the stories inside the cover, where they will be introduced to you.

Our print advertisers will receive digital advertising in the digital edition and on our social media platforms. We are not advising anyone to abandon their digital branding, it is important to have a well thought out strategic platform where everything is linked to help people see the whole story.

Advertising in a quality print product designed to appeal to the audience by being tailored to local neighbourhood stories and information will agement your digital efforts. 

The best search results for businesses on any search engine, are when they are searching by the business name. This is what we want to help achieve, a direct search for your business because your audience had a real world experience with your message.

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