Periodicals-Publishing and Printing in Vancouver
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Are You Feeling Lost in the Digital Crowd?

Customize the APeeling Magazine to Your Brand

Customize the Cover


Question One:

Do you want a branded magazine dedicated to your company? Or a copy of the APeeling Magazine filled with your favourite articles / authors?

If you want a copy filled with your favourite articles and authors choose the no theme option and list the articles and / or authors you wish included.

If you want a branded issue of a magazine to showcase your brand, there are quite a few choices to make. A branded magazine will include:

A branded cover and back cover

Branded colours throughout

Branded ads throughout

One article on the company, products, or leadership 

APeeling articles from past issues based on a theme of your choice

Question Two:

Do you want a physical copy or a digital flipbook to share with friends, prospects, or co-workers?

If you want a digital copy filled with your favourite articles and authors choose the digital option, which will provide you with a flipbook issue of your customized magazine hosted as a mini-site, with a unique domain, and interactive features. Just like what you see every month with the APeeling magazine.

If you want physical copies of your customized magazine choose the printed option to choose a 24 page, 48 page, or 98 page printed magazine to showcase your brand in the real world. 

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