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Be known as the expert
Realtor® of choice
BEFORE they think about selling their home 

Publish an ebook to


and it will only take 1 hour of your time

Spend 1 hour with MarketAPeel and get a

56 page ebook with your brand, name, and story

Use as a lead gen give away or sell it on Amazon


What's inside ... Not all pages are shown

  • 34 pages of content about Downsizing (letter size)

  • Workbook pages to help your ideal customer

  • Add your brand colors, logo, name

  • MarketAPeel is your publisher - giving you credibility 

  • Add your bio, photo, and contact info

  • Add your story to the book, we'll write it for you

  • Limited number of White Label Licenses Available

Inside pages
RR Books.jpg

MarketAPeel can redesign for your branding AND ghost write your brand story (3,000 - 4,000 words )

Break it up into 6 lead gen ebooks or
keep it as a 34 page book

Add your name as author and sell it.

MarketAPeel White Label ebook

American and Canadian Spelling files

Downsize ebook pricing _edited.jpg
Downsize ebook pricing _edited.jpg
Testimonial anthony.png

Shannon Peel worked closely with Anthony Gruppo to publish his original book, which took

10 months from start to finish. You don't have to put in that much time with our white label titles.

MarketAPeel's white label ebooks:

  • Saves you time 

  • Makes you look good

  • Gives you content to share

Spend an hour with MarketAPeel and receive a published ebook

Personalization includes:

  • MarketAPeel ghostwrites your brand story (3000 - 4000 words)

  • We redesign with your branding throughout the ebook and add your brand story

  • Guide you through the e-bookstore listing process and provide an ISBN. 

How much to get a Book
Ghost Written and Published?

  • Professional editing: $2,000 - $3,000

  • Cover Art: $750 - $1,000

  • Book Formatting: $750 - $, 000

  • Ghost Writer: $25,000

Breaking it down

Let's say it costs

$25,000 for a book of approx 200 pages

Each page will cost you approx $125 

The MarketAPeel white label ebook


At $125 a page that is $7,000 for a 56 page ebook 

But that's NOT what you will pay

Your Price for the


Resale Rights License

Branding ReDesign

Redesign for eBookstores

plus Ghostwriting Your Brand Story

Publishing on Digital Book Sellers

40 pages of white labeled content

16 pages of your personal brand story

Testimonial benny.png

Buy a White Label e-book - "Downsizing Guide & Workbook"

Downsize ebook pricing _edited.jpg
Downsize ebook pricing _edited.jpg

Your Download file includes

Your 34 page ebook / workbook on downsizing

A file in American spelling and one in Canadian spelling

e-book is letter sized for lead gen download 

Resale Rights License Agreement 

Instructions on next steps for branding to your story

- The MarketAPeel Guarantee -

We work with you to publish an ebook you can put your name on!

This product is written by Shannon Peel and published by MarketAPeel for white label use.

939 Homer Street unit 411, Vancouver, BC Canada


Want to read more testimonials?   Check out my Linkedin Page

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Why REALTORS® need a
Custom Digital Magazine

Every market has a number of Realtors® competing for the limited number of listings and sales. Due to the sheer number of Real Estate Professionals in the marketplace, they need a MarketAPeel Digital Magazine to tell their brand story to stand out from the crowd. Here are a few reasons a Realtor® needs a digital magazine:

  • To pull together their fractured brand story from across the Internet

  • To guide people through their story to understand why they are the best choice in Realtors®

  • To showcase their listings and guide people through the story of why this listing is one to see

  • To connect with their audiences by sharing community news their audience will engage with

  • To have content to post on social media, blogs, and their website

  • To gain credibility in the marketplace

  • To use it to open doors to leads by offering to interview them

  • Can you think of reasons why Real Estate Professionals need a digital magazine for their marketing? Share in the forum.  

Digital Magazine Example

MarketAPeel's Digital Magazines for REALTORS®

The MarketAPeel Digital News stand showcases all our current free to read digital magazine periodicals. Save them as an app on your mobile device to read when you want. These magazine's are not periodicals, they only have the one issue.

Colleen's NorthShore Homes - Free 

Colleen's NorthShore Homes digital magazine is a fancy brochure about North Vancouver Realtor® Colleen Shorter. She is able to put a link in her email, social media, or sales packages to lead readers to find out more about who she is, where she sells homes, and why they should choose her as their Realtor® 

Home First Digital Magazine - Free

Home First Digital Magazine is a brochure about Calgary REALTORS® Veronica and Michael Palin to help first time homebuyers know what to look for when buying their first home. If you are looking for a place in Calgary and you are a first time homebuyer, check out Home First Digital Magazine.

Custom Digital Magazine?


Who owns the content?

MarketAPeel retains ownership of the original content (34 pages) in the download. The resale rights license gives you the right to brand the content, use it, and sell it on digital e-bookstores. 

You retain the rights to your personal story or article and branding. 

What if I decide I want the Personalization after I purchased the non-personalization version?

If after purchasing the non-personalized version, you decide you want the MarketAPeel personalization and publishing guidance, you can purchase the Personalization package at anytime.

If I sell the book do I need to give MarketAPeel Royalties?

No. In the resale rights license agreement, MarketAPeel waives all rights to royalties from the sale of the original content. 

Can I sell the Resale Rights License to Someone Else?

No. In the resale rights license agreement is not transferrable and cannot be sold to another publisher or another brand for use or sale. They would need to buy their own license.

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