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Vancouver Artist Emilie Fantuz

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

As seen in APeeling in November 2020

From her favorite place in her Vancouver art studio alongside her artist husband, Emilie Fantuz has built a life and career from the moments that most bring her joy—everyday beauty. After discovering the medium of oil paint and palette knives that would ignite her art while living immersed in the beauty of Hawaii, Emilie found her time in Michigan and subsequent move to Canada a welcome adventure but it was everyday life that honed the practice that would ultimately birth Emilie’s success and happiness.

Emilie cultivated a practice of seeking beauty in unexpected places—the reflection of a bluesky and white clouds on a skyscraper’s glass side, the colorful lights of store signs shimmering on wet streets. Finding beauty in the unexpected has not only brought Emilie personal joy, even helping her carve a new life in a different country, but has also developed the quality that makes her work powerful both for her audience and herself—authenticity.

Every artist must consider the question of who they paint for and why. Do they paint for collectors and financial success? Do they paint for an audience and their acceptance? Do they paint for themselves and their own happiness? Each answer comes with its benefits and challenges. In her pursuit of authenticity, Emilie’s choice to paint only what draws her eye and stokes her passion has culminated in both an unmistakably unique body of work and a lifelong practice of following her bliss.

It’s the courage to take the path that calls to us, regardless of whether others can see or understand this path, that leads us to the life of authenticity, beauty, and joy we all desire. In art, Emilie found a never-ending adventure with limitless potential for growth and exploration. It’s this search for the moments of everyday beauty—palette knife in hand, working beside her life partner—that shows Emilie Fantuz she’s found her path.


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