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The Difference Between Personal and Business Brand Storytelling

You tell story after story and get lots of engagement but no sales... What is going on? I bet you are telling the wrong type of story for the result you want.

On social media you need to tell both personal and business brand stories to get the results you need. There are some significant differences between the two types of stories you tell on social media.

Let's look at the main differences:

The Objective Difference:

Personal Brand Story

Increase engagement and reach

Business Brand Story

Move people towards conversion to provide profits

The Casting Difference:

Personal brand story:

Hero: - You

Conflict: Your problem

Supporting Role: Who helped you

Business Brand Story:

Hero: - Your Audience

Conflict: Their problem

Supporting Role: Your Solution

The Structural Difference:

Personal Brand Story

Pronoun: I

The catalyst

What happened

The choice you made

The lesson you learned

Business Brand Story

Pronoun: You

The catalyst

What happened

The solution chosen

The result

The call to action ...

You need to tell both types of stories to build a following and then move people further into your funnel by identifying who is interested in the solution you provide.

This is why creating a storytelling funnel strategy is so important to your marketing success. Without one, you will be frustrated by the lack of results you are getting from your marketing efforts.

If you want to tell Business Brand Stories in 2023 - Drop by CreateAPeel to find out how I can help you create an appealing story your audience will relate to.

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