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Meet the Realtor: Colleen Shorter

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

Colleen loves Real Estate it’s more than a career, it’s a passion she has enjoyed for 16 years.

She likes to help those who need her expertise in contract law and real estate. Colleen’s service is for everyday people who are selling the home they’ve lived in for a lifetime, people who are new to Canada, or someone who is just starting out on their home ownership journey. Selling or buying a home might seem straight forward, but it is filled with many pitfalls if the contracts are short on details and don’t account for the what ifs that happen in life.

She went to school to study law where she earned a paralegal diploma and then worked for a large real estate developer. Experience on the developer side of Real Estate gave her an insight into strata plans and details like airspace, commercial entitlements, covenants, easements, and statutory right of ways. She understands how all these legal rights will affect the sale of the home or the lifestyle of the purchaser. She knows what to look for to ensure her clients are protected.