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Meet the Realtor: Colleen Shorter

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

Colleen loves Real Estate it’s more than a career, it’s a passion she has enjoyed for 16 years.

She likes to help those who need her expertise in contract law and real estate. Colleen’s service is for everyday people who are selling the home they’ve lived in for a lifetime, people who are new to Canada, or someone who is just starting out on their home ownership journey. Selling or buying a home might seem straight forward, but it is filled with many pitfalls if the contracts are short on details and don’t account for the what ifs that happen in life.

She went to school to study law where she earned a paralegal diploma and then worked for a large real estate developer. Experience on the developer side of Real Estate gave her an insight into strata plans and details like airspace, commercial entitlements, covenants, easements, and statutory right of ways. She understands how all these legal rights will affect the sale of the home or the lifestyle of the purchaser. She knows what to look for to ensure her clients are protected.

Real Estate is complicated and too often a buyer doesn’t know what questions to ask to ensure they will not be on the hook for an unforeseen expense or living in a strata that restricts their lifestyle. Colleen knows what to look for, how to write a good contract, and has advanced training in real estate law to help her protect her client’s interests.

There is more to selling a home than exchanging cash for keys. The process can be frustrating and if one is not careful, it could cost you more than you expected.

Her Attention to Detail

Colleen has access to data and the experience to price your home according to the market.

By pricing the home right, it will attract buyers right away. When a home is priced too high, it will sit in the market and lose the interest of potential buyers because it will not show well against other listings in the same price range, which the buyer’s agent will show with comparative past sales.

If it is priced too low, without the right marketing strategy, the seller may not get a fair offer and walk away with less than they should have.

When the market is hot, a well-priced home can result in a bidding war because the best chance for the highest offer is to get a higher number of buyers interested in the listing at the same time. Even in a hot market, homes which are overpriced will sit unsold and interest will wane, no matter how nice the property.

With the data available to her, and her experience in the market, Colleen is able to help a seller price their home to attract interested buyers.

How a home is shown to the marketplace matters. Colleen uses the latest tools to create a full marketing package to showcase the home’s best features and tell a complete story.

Starting with photos, videos, 3D Matterport tours, and floorplans she is able to help get potential buyers excited about seeing the home. When buyers tour the home, she makes herself available to answer questions to ensure the buyer has all the information they need to make a decision.

In today’s market, sellers must showcase their home, which takes time, skill, and investment, all of which Colleen brings to the table.

How a buyer feels when walking through your home matters and this is where staging comes in. Colleen knows how to help you stage your home and if you need extra help, who to bring onto your real estate team.

Do you know how much paperwork is involved in a real estate transaction? Colleen does and with her legal training, she understands the level of detail required to get it right. Realtors have a fiduciary responsibility to their clients to protect them and ensure their interests always come first.

This responsibility comes easy to Colleen, who naturally cares about other people and is driven to be of service. One of her first jobs in Real Estate was as a licensed assistant to a team of successful Realtors who dotted I’s, crossed t’s, and demanded everything was done right. These Realtors will tell you that Colleen will take care of you, ensure everything is done right, and knows her stuff to protect your interests.

How are your negotiating skills? Do you live for the deal? Can you negotiate like a pro? Colleen has been negotiating real estate deals for 16 years. She knows what a good offer is and advises her clients on what to offer, what to ask for, and then negotiates on their behalf to get the best deal possible. Throughout her career, she has undergone training and learned from those in the industry about negotiation and getting the best deal for a client.

Colleen Shorter does a lot more than show homes or put up a sign. She analyzes the market, the properties, and the paperwork to ensure her client’s interests are taken care of. She makes sure her seller’s properties are showcased to the market properly to bring interested buyers in. She uses her skills and talents to maneuver through a deal and understand all the details that could affect the outcome of the sale.


Colleen Shorter is a Realtor in North Vancouver BC Canada. Learn more about her in North Shore Homes.


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