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Professional Event Host and Interviewer

Meet Rich "The Trigger" Bontrager, CEO/Founder/TV Host of Rock the Stage Media and co-host of APeeling Summits, produced by MarketAPeel. Shannon Peel asked Rich a few questions about how he helps people shine on the virtual stage.

Interviewing the Interviewer and Host of APeeling Events

What is your professional role?

I equip and coach leaders to hone their media skills to stand out from the crowd as a Go-To Expert.

I do this through media coaching.

I do this by emceeing, hosting, and creating live media that amplify you and your brand authority.

I do this by creating media content and events that drive potential clients to you while raising your brand identity

What is your top personal value?


I have a driving passion for helping and serving fellow leaders to shine brighter and stand out from the crowd and social media noise. Part of my passion is to make sure my clients and collaborative partners have fun while leveraging media to its full potential

On many events that I collaborate on, the client has an idea to create a media event. While their idea is good, often they realize this is hard work, they are not equipped or skilled enough, and they want to give up or settle for less.

My passion, 36 years of media, and creativity often help those that I work with regain their passion and work with me to produce an exciting event. My passion often carries them, and then they want to do another event.

What do you do when you aren't working?

I enjoy unplugging and exploring the great outdoors. Hiking, camping, visiting, and exploring other cities and places. Being out in the wide open refreshes my soul and spirit. It is often quiet and peaceful, with a sense of adventure. That combination is very powerful in my life.

I have hiked the Grand Canyon twice, jeeped, and packed all over Colorado and North America. I spent six weeks in Alaska and Mexico, and there is still more to see.

I still enjoy my comic books and a good movie binge-party. I have a vivid imagination, which helps me immensely in my career and my relaxing time off.

What makes you unique?

I have overcome to a lifelong stutter and become a professional broadcaster, and now I coach and equip others to shine brighter and communicate sharper.

My media experience and exposure have allowed me to work with amazing professional athletes, celebrities, and business leaders.

What do you love about what you do and how do you help others?

I have been blessed to overcome a stutter that impacted most of my younger life to have a 36-year career as a professional sports broadcaster, talk show, and public speaker. Overcoming my stutter keeps my focus on helping others succeed and how to leverage media skills. The number one fear in the world is public speaking, if I can overcome that and have such a career, so can others.

I get to coach, educate, and demonstrate to others how to get comfortable

What is the number one goal you are trying to achieve in your professional life?

Help people shine brighter, and achieve their goals.

Rich "The Trigger" Bontrager brings 36 years of broadcasting host experience to the APeeling Stages as co-host, interviewer, and presenter. Want to know more about Rich? Click here to visit Rock the Stage Media.

Find Rich Bontranger in the following MarketAPeel Digital Books:

Stand Out: How to Stand Out in Today'd Digital Marketplace

Beyond Trauma: How to go Beyond Trauma for a Better Life

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