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Client Case Study - January 2024 - March 2024

Empowering Authentic Growth: How ZenBusiness.Tech Transformed A Coaching

Business with MindStudio-Powered AI

Heather Taylor, a seasoned coach and “ultrapreneur” with over 20 years of experience, had a

thriving practice built on word-of-mouth referrals. However, scaling her business while

maintaining her authentic voice seemed challenging. That's when ZenBusiness.Tech, a

MindStudio Agency Partner, stepped in to create a custom AI marketing solution to revolutionize Heather's growth approach.

The Challenge

Marketing at scale often requires automation, but the nature of coaching requires a personal

touch. Taylor sought an efficient solution to provide customized marketing materials aligned

with her authentic voice.

The Solution

Using MindStudio's cutting-edge, no-code AI platform, ZenBusiness.Tech created "Heather AI," a powerful tool that generates personalized pitches and outreach messages in minutes. This custom solution allows Taylor to connect with potential partners and collaborators effortlessly.

The AI directly references Taylor's unique writing style, background, bio, and business

offerings to craft pitches that truly capture her voice and value proposition. She can provide

the assistant with a potential partner’s website URL and her raw thoughts, and the AI will

analyze the partner's business goals. It then provides a personalized pitch demonstrating how

a partnership would be mutually beneficial.

By leveraging MindStudio's powerful AI marketing capabilities, ZenBusiness.Tech sped up the outreach process and eliminated time spent wordsmithing messages. Instead, she could focus on identifying the right partners and let the AI handle the initial introduction. ,

The Results

Within just one month of using the MindStudio-powered Heather AI, the results were


● 20 Calls in Three Days: Taylor booked 20 potential partner calls in three

days after a podcast went live.

● Major Book Deal: Taylor landed a book deal with 262 visionary women. The

deal features a five-year marketing plan and monthly summits that will be

turned into an upcoming TV series on streaming services like Netflix and

Hulu in 2025. The book has generated over 450M media impressions in its

second year.

● Podcast Exposure: Taylor secured interviews on nine podcasts, prompting

even more podcast hosts to request to book her. with more invitations


● YouTube Growth: Gained 284 numerous new subscribers on her YouTube


● Significant Time Savings: Reduced outreach time by 92% — from 1-2

hours per pitch to only 10 minutes, saving Taylor over 21 hours per month.

The ZenBusiness.Tech and MindStudio Partnership

As a MindStudio Agency Partner, ZenBusiness.Tech leverages MindStudio's AI platform to

create custom solutions that seamlessly integrate with each client's existing software. This

partnership enables ZenBusiness.Tech to deliver exceptional results in record time and

empower entrepreneurs like Taylor to scale their businesses authentically and efficiently.

Your AI-Powered Potential

Book a Zoom call with ZenBusiness.Tech today to discover how our custom AI tools can

revolutionize your business. If you're eager to get started, check out www.PartnerProphet.AI —

the same MindStudio-powered AI assistant that fueled Taylor’s success, now available to

entrepreneurs everywhere.

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Marketing at scale often requires automation, but coaching needs a personal touch. Heather needed an efficient solution to create customized marketing materials aligned with her authentic voice. tunnel rush


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