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People Pleaser to Leader

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

As seen in APeeling in Summer 2020

There are those leaders that rule by fear and an iron fist. Where punishment for ‘not doing as I say’ is the norm. These leaders are only a leader in name/title alone. Their followers are not really following out of respect or motivation, they do so only because of fear of some repercussion, such as losing their job. But there is no real team unity, cohesion and support of the overall vision and mission. And often, this creates a high attrition rate.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, are those leaders that may be very likeable people, and want to grow and nurture their team, but lack the skills to do so. They often are people pleasers who are afraid to take a real stand as they fear not being liked or alienating team members.

Both are ineffective leaders

Most leaders are made and not born. Learning the skills to be an effective and powerful leader requires personal development as well cultivating strong communication skills to enable a leader to have “difficult” conversations, easily and inspire team members to follow.

One of my clients, Alice, struggled in her leadership and was a real people pleaser. Alice acted like a peer for so long, that her team of 12 treated her like a peer instead of the business owner and CEO that she was.