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Create a Goal Process to Achieve Success

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

As seen in APeeling in October 2020 by Cameron Chell

There are three types of goals. Aspirational. Attainable. Achievable.

When we set goals at Build Impossible, we follow a basic format with the purpose of achieving the impossible. The two main goal setting methodologies are, the big scary audacious goal and a goal has to be believable to be achievable. What we discovered from a pragmatic and practical standpoint is a goal needs to be both of those things. The goal setting process isn’t a matter of setting a goal, it is a matter of setting a process.

Our process is broken into three parts, 5-year, 1-year, and 90-day goals. From there we create RIPS, which are like KPIs to measure our results in a team environment.

The first goal we set is the 5-year goal, which is aspirational. This goal is huge, scary, and sounds impossible. This is the kind of goal that is fun to dream about and chase. It could be anything. This is where we dream big and establish the vision of our why. We don’t limit ourselves, the more impossible it sounds the better. It could be, in 5-years I’m going to be a billionaire, we are going to have 90% of the market share, or my product will save 7500 lives. It is whatever you can dream. It’s fun to dream and chase big impossible goals and this is an important part of the psyche and as things change they tend to get bigger. Once we have the impossible goal, we set measurable goals to help us move towards the impossible goal.

The next goal we set is the attainable goal, which we plan on hitting in 1-year. The one-year goal needs to be achievable, but big enough that it is possible you won’t hit it. We still push this goal towards the stratosphere just out of reach, but we still believe we can achieve it. It’s important to know it’s possible to hit that mark in a year to stay motivated and on task. We discovered plenty of science out there confirming you will become more motivated as you move closer to the goal, which is why it needs to be measurable an attainable. It’s a stretch and you’ve got to go get it because it won’t just happen without a process of work to get there. It’s attainable, but it will be difficult.

The third type of goal we set are achievable goals, which we set 90 days out. These need to be the things we have control over. Where we can set very specific tasks and know if we do these things, we will hit the goal in 90 days. This is where we define the daily process we will be undertaking.

When we plan our goals we start with the biggest, scariest, most audacious goal we can think of, then we bring it back to what is attainable in a year from now, and finally bring it back to what we want to achieve in 90 days and define the process to achieve it. From there we focus on the tasks in front of us every day. As we complete our daily processes, we hit our 90-day goals. As we hit our 90-day goals we get closer to our 1-year goals. As we hit our 1-year goals, we get closer to doing the impossible 5-year goal. Taking one step at a time is how the impossible happens.


Cameron Chell is considered a ‘serial entrepreneur’ with his first ventures beginning at age 14 and a trajectory in business that spans more than 25 years. He is the co-founder and CEO of the Business Instincts Group (BIG) and BUILD Impossible. He has launched numerous successful tech start-ups such as Draganfly Innovations (CSE: DFLY) (OTCQB: DFLYF), ColdBore Technologies, Raptor Rig, Urthecast, KODAKOne and CurrencyWorks (TSXV and OTCQB: CWRK). His entrepreneurial success is based on principles of clear vision, quantifiable results and tireless pursuit of goals.

A sought-after speaker, Chell has addressed audiences of thousands in settings around the world. His presentations include speeches at the United Nations, Tony Robbins, and TEDx Montreal Women. His talks touch on themes ranging from technology to homelessness as he shares his life experiences of overcoming hurdles and doing “the impossible.”

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