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Your Why is Important to Your Brand Story

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

By Cameron Chell (As seen in June's issue of APeeling)

This is the response most people give when asked why they are entrepreneurs. Great answer. Money and security are incredibly important, but it’s not the true reason why you are putting in long hours and taking all the risks. It has to be about more than money.

My personal “why” is to experience love and possibility.

This why didn’t show up the first time I tried to define why I was an entrepreneur.

Some of my answers were, “To be a billionaire” and “To feed the hungry”. My why has grown over the years to become, “Experience love and possibility.”

It has evolved through a process of asking the 5 Why’s.

Finding your Why and remembering your Why during the hard times will be the ultimate force which allows you to accomplish your dreams.

The first time I defined my why, I wanted to be a billionaire. This is an amazing Why. However, the moment I became a Millionaire, though not quite a Billionaire, I felt the air go out of my why. Becoming a millionaire was worse than having to strive for it.

I realized over time, with more experience and more grey hair, that I’d been feeding my ego, which was satisfied knowing I could achieve the goal of being a billionaire. It wasn’t until I had a very traumatic event happen in my life that I realized, I wasn’t in control of anything including my success. My ego couldn’t be satisfied by it after all.

If achieving your Why is about getting monetary gain or hitting a certain milestone, at some point it is going to be empty. I never again want to feel the desperation, which put my life into a tailspin.

I needed to reassess my Why because money and milestones were never going to be fulfilling enough. This is the reason my Why is all about experiencing love and possibility. I experience love and possibility every single day. I look for it. I get to feel it. I get to see it in other people. I get to help grow it in other people. I have other people who help grow it in me.

Whether I am rich or poor or happy or sad, it is all part of the experience of love and possibility. This is how my definition of why evolved and it is going to continue to evolve for years. That’s the value of this exercise.

Your personal Why will effectively determine the purpose, meaning, and cause of your startup. Getting caught up in the “How” you do something will only serve to hamstring your success. Truly understanding your “Why” will allow you to pursue your goal relentlessly

because at the end of the day, your business is only as solid as your personal foundation.

At Build Impossible, we use the 5 Why Method to get honest and unpack the true reason you are an entrepreneur.

The 5 Whys is a simple yet powerful technique to narrow down the underlying root of a particular problem. In this case, we are going to keep asking why, to every answer you give when asked, “Why are you an Entrepreneur?” By drilling down and making you really think about what drives you forward we can help you find your true Why.

The 5 Why Method

Why? – Why are you an entrepreneur?

Why? – Why is the above important?

Why? – Again.. why?

Why? – Do you think that’s your true driving force? If you can go a little deeper, let’s ask again... Why?

Why? – Do you have it? If not more time, why?

I invite you to join our free Build Impossible calls where we meet as entrepreneurs and dive into this very topic among others.

The 5 why’s is incredibly important. Your why is incredibly important.


Cameron Chell is involved in a number of businesses and helps entrepreneurs to do the impossible.

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