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Emmy Winner Brand Story

Meet Justin Wheelon


He is a successful entertainment business owner who has won 14 Emmys.

Where did you grow up?

Augusta, GA

Where do you reside currently?

Aiken, SC

What is your professional role?


What is your top personal value?

I'd hopefully say humility and kindness. I'm aware of all the things I don't know in life and the business I'm in and even though I've had some success I know there's still so much more I can and want to do. I would think I exemplify those values in how I treat people on set and when we're working on a movie. Valuing each person and making them feel like a part of the team.

What do you do when you aren't working?

When I'm not working I love to play golf and spend time with my family and travel. I won my club championship the last three years so I'm playing at a high level right now which makes it even more fun. My wife and I got two cavalier king Charles spaniels and we just love them to death. My job has me traveling a lot so I love to get out and explore and see different cities and do different things...but I also love to be home almost as much!

What makes you unique?

I suppose I would say what I do for a living most people find interesting. I direct movies, commercials, documentaries etc. So as far as run in's with celebrities I've had countless. I got to direct a project with Bill Murray, I have met Obama, Trump, Bill Clinton, play baseball with Kevin Costner, and so many more "once in a lifetime" things! Also my 14 Emmy's are always fun to have on display around the house.

What do you love about what you do and how do you help others?

I love telling stories and conveying those in a way that gets people attention or gives them a reason to think about something. Sometimes my projects entertain or educate but it's always fun to create stuff that people like. No two days are alike in this business.

What is the number one goal you are trying to achieve in your professional life?

I would like to win an Oscar one day.

Can you define the word Entrepreneur?

hmmm maybe this is like that old adage a Leader and a Boss kinda thing. tough question

What did you do before you became an entrepreneur or business owner?

Worked for other people lol

What happened to inspire you to start a business or buy one?

The thought of being "my own boss" was exciting and as much as I travel and do things, I almost NEEDED that to continue doing the things I was doing.

When you started what mistake or failure taught you the most about running a business?

Maybe to stay in the weeds on some things. Don't leave it up to your employee or CPA or business partner to handle stuff, get in there and learn about it, do it, help with it. I know I passed up a lot of learning opportunities because I didn't want to get into the minutia of every detail.

What support did you have?

I have a business partner who's very smart with business and without him this wouldn't work. I'm the creative and dreamer and he keeps us all grounded and focused on things we need to keep track of.

How do you stay motivated to keep trying when there is a set back?

For me, I need to maintain a good work life balance, if one of those gets too out of whack, I start getting anxious. Too much fun time makes me feel just as anxious as too much work. So, keeping those in balance is what allows me to hopefully enjoy both more.

He is proud that when we started this production company one of my early goals was to win an Emmy® and we did that our first year which was a lot of fun. Discover more about about Justin Wheelon and his company, Oak Film Company.


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