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Content Marketing

Updated: Jun 4, 2019

How to Develop a Content Marketing Plan

Start by asking questions of various departments. Ask sales what their top three objections are. Ask Customer Service what their top three problems are. Ask production what the top three products are. Ask the Executive what their top three goals are. Collect data from as many departments and stakeholders as possible.

Once you’ve collected the answers from each department you will need to prioritize which content takes precedence over the next, hopefully, a common topic will emerge as a starting point. Create your content calendar to ensure you are maximizing the potential of each topic.

Research the topics you have identified and collect data to draw from to round out your content. The content you create should educated the reader, meet the goals of the Executive team, and answer the questions customers regularly ask. If you can entertain them at the same time, you'll be a content creating superstar.

The great thing about content creation is how many different types of content you can make about one topic. For example, once you have written a larger piece of content you can pull sound bites to fit the various social media and content platforms. You can interview someone for a podcast, then write a blog post, video the interview, and cut out sound bites for social media. There are multiple ways to tell a story.

Get the Most out of Content Marketing