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MarketAPeel Brand Storytelling Agency

Want to be seen as an Expert in your industry?

MarketAPeel helps you figure out what you want to be known for and

then gets you known for it by creating content to tell your brand story. 

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We create a strategy to define your story and tell it to the marketplace.

MarketAPeel Agency manages your plan while creating the content to tell your brand  story. 

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Brand Story

Want to to know more about brand storytelling and how it works?

MarketAPeel has created a brand storytelling guide to inform you about its benefits



Are you looking for a hands off approach to your content creation? 

MarketAPeel Agency creates content to help you tell your brand story to the right people.

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Shannon Peel

Want to know more about the person behind the brand?

Shannon Peel is a brand storyteller and the creative force behind the MarketAPeel brand.

How the MarketAPeel Digital Brand Storytelling Agency can Help YOU

Feeling overwhelmed by the sheer enormity of telling your brand story online?


You aren't alone many people don't do anything because they are unsure about what to do or they've given up due to lower than expected results for all their brand storytelling efforts. When it comes to content marketing or brand storytelling people are so inundated with content, half truths, and complete BS. The amount of competition makes it harder than ever to get noticed on social media and make it onto the first page of Google organically. This is why our branding services include a complete look at your digital footprint to help you craft your story and guide your audience through their customer journey from brand awareness to brand advocacy.


Are you spending a fortune on Google ads and too much time on SEO?


This is why I created a program to help you build a strong foundation for your brand story by building out your digital footprint using marketing funnel, customer journey, and brand storytelling techniques to guide audiences from brand awareness to brand advocacy.


The CreateAPeel membership gives you access to the MarketAPeel platforms and audiences to tell your brand story. Due to my daily SEO efforts, contributors on UnPeeled, APeeling, and BrandAPeel will benefit from organic traffic, which can then be lead back to your site to complete the customer journey. 


Do you believe opportunities result from creating relationships with people? 

I believe that real opportunities live in the real world and though we may meet virtually, it isn't until we meet on zoom, in email, or other one-to-one platforms where we discover the opportunities to grow. Which is why I created the CreateAPeel community, to foster real connections through weekly small group coaching interactions on zoom.


MarketAPeel community members can benefit from non-business group discussions like the Story of Women discussion, where we come together to talk about what it means to be a woman in the 21st Century. 

Don't know where to start or what branding services you need?

I realize there is a lot of information and options on the site and you may not completely understand where to go or what to do, so I created this page to help you understand how MarketAPeel can help you tell your brand story to the marketplace. 

Young Businesswomen

Do it Self

Looking for information to give you ideas for your brand story creation?

UnPeeled blog and the BrandAPeel podcast are packed full of information to inspire your story.

Two Barbers


We create a strategy to define your story and tell it to the marketplace.

MarketAPeel Agency manages your plan while creating the content to tell your brand  story. 

Colleagues Working Together


Want to build out your digital footprint and tell your brand story?

CreateAPeel members access courses, group coaching, networking, and collaboration.

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Are you looking for a hands off approach to your content creation? 

EyeAPeel photography visually tells your event's story and MarketAPeel creates all content

"Do it Self"

I knew I'd passed her independent streak on to my daughter when her first sentence was, "Do it Self."

MarketAPeel's platforms are filled with "Do it Self" content for those who like to figure things out, constantly learn, and strike out on their own. Whether you are just starting out on your entrepreneurial journey or you've owned a business for years, these platforms will provide you with information, inspiration, and motivation as you tell your brand story.

Do it self
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The APeeling digital magazines are ebooks of curated and unique content on topics such as, Change, Decision Making, Podcasting, Brand Storytelling, and more. Experience it today

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The BrandAPeel: Brand Storytelling in the Digital Age Podcast shares Shannon's insights, her interviews with experts and business leaders to dive deeper into how to tell a brand story

Food blog


The UnPeeled blog shares articles written by Shannon Peel, experts, CreateAPeel members and the MarketAPeel community to help readers find solutions to their problems.

Vlogger Equipment


The MarketAPeel social community showcases agency clients and community members to help them increase their brand awareness and find the right audience for their story.

Free Brand Storytelling eBook Download

Learn what brand storytelling is and start defining your brand story to tell to the marketplace.

EyeAPeel Photography

Are you in Vancouver, BC Canada? 

EyeAPeel is an event photography service located in downtown Vancouver BC. Visual brand storytelling of your event.

Make an appointment to chat with Shannon Peel about your event.


And So Much More...

Content created by community members, agency clients, and thought leaders

You will find more than how to tell a brand story on the MarketAPeel site. MarketAPeel is a community site where members, clients, and thought leaders share their stories, insights, tips and advice to help you find the solution you are looking for and the inspiration to create something new. Take some time to explore the site. 

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